Small Picture. Big Frame.

Short film about a paper man who magically comes to life. But being too small for the world is no obstacle when it comes to finding love. Shot on location in Canterbury, this lovingly crafted short film has been screened at live events across the country.


Short film about the adventures of a little wooden chair. When a tree is felled and carved into a chair, a journey begins that will unfold across years. Our chair gets sat on, thrown about, argued over, stolen, exhibited in an art gallery and washed out to sea. But no matter what hardships life throws in the way, even a battered old chair might one day settle down if it can become a matching pair.

Kent Uni is…

Vibrant promotional video featuring students and graduates as they talk about their positive experiences at the University of Kent. Fun, unscripted and honest, we wanted to redress the balance of those cheesy awkward promotional videos we had suffered as students, and which we’d satirised as the University of Konkerbury. Almost certainly the only Bakery film ever to be screened at an education conference in the Bahamas.

Life in Chaucer College

Revealing documentary about Canterbury’s insular, well-hidden Chaucer College. We discover the opinions and experiences of its students, who travel halfway across the world for oily food and curfews. This early Bakery film was produced as degree coursework at the University of Kent. Curiously, it was omitted from the compilation DVD of that year’s student films. Make of that what you will.

Konkerbury films

Three short films to tie-in with our nationally-award nominated FM radio sitcom Konkers. Geoff Island lives in a quiet world of drizzle, charity shops and weak tea. After losing his pet owl in the radio show, this mockumentary catches up with him in his second year of study. Geoff Island at Christmas is the devastating follow-up. Geoff heats up a festive microwave meal to the strains of Silent Night. With no dialogue, our aim was to take a completely audio character and make him entirely visual. And to make you all cry into your brussel sprouts. Finally, the University of Konkerbury promo is a cheeky shot-for-shot remake of a promotional video we endured as students, featuring characters and settings from the Konkers radio show.