The Outer Circle

A man finds himself stuck on an endless commute to a job that doesn’t exist. Short film set in Birmingham, written by Richard Dadd, directed by Dan Fryer, featuring Catrin Huitson, with original music by Natasha Davies.

Live Stock

Dan and Gate bring stock images to life. Simple as that. For added Bakery goodness, Richard Dadd pops up as Satan a couple of times. If you like these three videos, you can see the whole series on the dedicate Live Stock YouTube channel.

Ode to the Summer

Our second music video for psychedelic rock band, Syd Arthur. Following on from a similar aesthetic to the first video, this time we used 3D projections mapped onto a pyramid, with a circular camera track orbiting the band. Large amounts of help from from the talented and hard working Thomas Langley, who built the pyramid and track, and spent several solid days sanding reflective paint. We also filmed the video at his Lab neuf fine art studio just outside Canterbury. Projections by Oliver Chilton. Read about how we did it on this blog post.

The Last Bookshop

“Delightful. An affectionate look at how we might forget the art of physical books, but their power will never disappear.” – Huffington Post “An exploration of mortality from the perspective of a man who views his life — and legacy — in terms of his love for books.” – “Remarkable and beautiful and strange and magical.” – Amazing Stories Magazine “Thought-provoking and amusing. It’s enough to make me run out and buy a paperback right now.” – A satirical fantasy imagining a future where books have died out. One day, a small boy’s holographic entertainment fails. Heading outside, he stumbles upon the last ever bookshop. And inside, an ancient shopkeeper has been waiting over 25 years for a customer… Filmed on location, with CGI effects and an original score performed by Arlet, this is our love letter to independent bookshops. Bibliophiles across the globe rapidly pushed the film beyond 50,000 views, helping to stir up valuable debate about the real future of bookshops. Discover more on The Last Bookshop Blog

Morning After

“Arlet’s music is located somewhere between the folk club and the chamber music hall.” Music video for Arlet filmed in the atmospheric Volharding barge, moored upon the Thames near Tower Bridge. The creaks of the boards and the splash of the river provide the perfect backdrop to Arlet’s evocative sound. In a fruitful exchange, we shot this promo for Arlet and in return they performed the stirring score to our film The Last Bookshop.

Edge of the Earth

Music video for celebrated psychedelic rock band Syd Arthur. The unveiling of their album On An On was heralded by the release of this video, which was highlighted by such publications as Prog Magazine. The vibrant energy of Syd Arthur’s music gets a visual match thanks to the hypnotic lightbox provided by  

The Wicked Pig Challenges

4-part online comedy series sponsored by Wicked Pig pork snacks. We tackled weekly challenges including invading France, curating an art exhibition for Zoo magazine, and trying to make a million pounds by selling egg portraits. And all because we made a tongue-in-cheek short film called Disparate Set Pieces.  

Disparate Set Pieces

Competition-winning short film about trying to win a competition by making a short film. Oh how very postmodern of us. Richard and Dan play caricatures of themselves, as they enter a dodgy online competition to become the faces of an obscure pork snack. After watching this film, Wicked Pig pork snacks called our bluff by announcing us as the actual winners. We were then commissioned to make a whole series of absurd comic videos. Cue The Wicked Pig Challenges…  


Trio of adverts submitted to a Doritos competition, starring a team of scientists who want to uncover what else Doritos are good for… All three videos were filmed over a busy weekend with the help of a bowling alley, some green screen and an excessive number of IT staff. The Race meanwhile was our winning entry into an entirely different Doritos advertising competition, and features the nightmarish sight of men in tights dressed as crisps running through woodlands to a tribal chant.

Job Market Julian

Trio of comic films promoting student placement years. Julian is a job-seeking graduate, with a folder full of qualifications and a flip chart full of theory. But no practical experience. Join him as he tries to find work on a farm, in a forest and at a battle. Or visit his website and download some inspiring wallpapers. Devised to appeal to a student audience, these films were commissioned by the University of Kent after the success of our film Kent Uni is…