The Last Bookshop

“Delightful. An affectionate look at how we might forget the art of physical books, but their power will never disappear.” – Huffington Post

“An exploration of mortality from the perspective of a man who views his life — and legacy — in terms of his love for books.” –

“Remarkable and beautiful and strange and magical.” – Amazing Stories Magazine

“Thought-provoking and amusing. It’s enough to make me run out and buy a paperback right now.” –

A satirical fantasy imagining a future where books have died out.

One day, a small boy’s holographic entertainment fails. Heading outside, he stumbles upon the last ever bookshop. And inside, an ancient shopkeeper has been waiting over 25 years for a customer…

Filmed on location, with CGI effects and an original score performed by Arlet, this is our love letter to independent bookshops. Bibliophiles across the globe rapidly pushed the film beyond 50,000 views, helping to stir up valuable debate about the real future of bookshops.

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