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Birmingham Comedy Festival 2020

Cop a load of this poster, which Dan Fryer has designed to promote the “Pick Your Own Escapade” interactive comedy show, happening as part of this year’s Birmingham Comedy Festival. You’ll notice the poster features Richard Dadd in Satanic form, and that’s exactly the role he will be adopting as part of the show. For full details CLICK HERE

Satan’s lockdown videos

Welcome to 2020, the first year to be sponsored by Satan himself. Here’s what the old devil’s got to say for himself… Later on in lockdown, Satan was summoned once again, to answer your burning questions… And finally – even the Dark Lord feels a bit down in the dumps sometimes… For more of this sort of nonsense, please follow the Richard Dadd comedian Facebook page!


The more observant among you might have noticed a global pandemic has been causing a spot of bother lately. Back in March, finding himself in lockdown, and with all his stand-up gigs cancelled, Richard turned to desperately recreating the West Midlands comedy scene in his bedroom… It took several long months, but finally the lockdown restrictions started to ease. Richard was finally free to go out into the world and make contact with his fellow local comedians. But what he found were just the broken shells of people – worn down by isolation and a lack of gigs, they had all but lost their minds… Spare a thought for the next rambling mad man you encounter shouting in a park. Once upon a time, he might have been an obscure local stand-up comedian.

Unheard: Andy Hamilton

Back in the days of the Gulbenkian Podcast we recorded a 30-minute interview with comedy legend Andy Hamilton. Unfortunately, only a couple of minutes of this material was ever used, so the majority of this interview has gone unheard UNTIL NOW! So let’s take a trip back in time to the Gulbenkian mop cupboard and join me and Andy as we chat about comedy writing; the differences between TV, Film and Radio; his memories of Douglas Adams and Geoffrey Perkins; his sitcoms Outnumbered, Drop the Dead Donkey, Old Harry’s Game and much more…

2019 update

Should’ve mentioned this a while back, but the old webakestuff Twitter account is now the Richard Dadd Twitter account. So if that sounds like something you might enjoy scrolling through on the loo then head over to: Also, if you like lurking in rooms above pubs you might find Richard doing stand-up comedy these days. Probably best to check his Twitter feed for news on that sort of thing. Meanwhile, the first new Bakery film in an absolute age is due to be completed soon. It’s a 10-minute piece filmed in Birmingham, and is the first short film collaboration between Richard Dadd and Dan Fryer since The Last Bookshop. It will contain the words “circle” “chocolate” and “gondola.”

The gloves are off

Our very own regular from the blog comments Mr Geodaddi sparked a feature on BBC Radio 4 today, when he phoned in to ask why modern TV historians are allowed to get their grubby fingerprints all over the precious manuscripts. Skip to 20mins50 to hear the answer…

The Guinness cookery book of records 2013

It’s been 2 years since the last Bakery records so without further ado, here are the official most popular Bakery videos… All record true on 31st December 2013 MOST VIEWED OFFICIAL BAKERY VIDEO ( or 3) 5,449 views – Crap audio transcription rewrites classic novels (2/2) (since April 2010) 2) 7,654 views – David O’Doherty interview part 1 (since Jan 2010) 1) 76,487 views – The Last Bookshop (since April 2013) MOST VIEWED CO-PRODUCED BAKERY VIDEO (hosted by external YouTube accounts) 3) 27,282 views – Advertising with Bells on (since Dec 2011; produced for Fold7) 2) 39,785 views – Edge of the Earth (since May 2012; produced for Syd Arthur) 1) 41,686 views – Sty TV winners’ introduction (since July 2010; produced for WickedPigUK)

Bakery Analytics

What do people type into Google which sends them to The Bakery? Well, I’ve trawled through 3 and a half year’s worth of Google Analytics to answer that question. I present a list of my favourite Google search terms which led people here. They’re all genuine, with my own thoughts in brackets… Art is tedious “pretentious arsehole” coffee and corks (anyone in particular?) marzipan diorama king julian cake celebrity dogging peado (5 angry dyslexic Daily Mail readers searched this) typical kentish barazine (this has been searched a baffling 117 times!) audio clip from the battle of marathon (might prove a little thin on the ground…) bakeries closed on the seventh day in england beautiful naked upturned breasts canterbury “too many students” cartoons of animals naked at the bakery (I don’t know what to say about this one) cockfosters dodecahedron satanism (my favourite kind of Satanism) dogging podcast (do people really make podcasts of that sort of thing!?) grimshaw mill (ee-bah-gum, it’s tough up north, down t’pit, what’s a saveloy? etc etc) herne bay shagging how to make savaloys (Jan Grimshaw does some fervent research) is kent uni good for film (No! Don’t do it!) melissa’s advanced tossing guide! Middle...

The Guinness Cookery Book of Records 2011

All records true on 31st December 2011 MOST VIEWED OFFICIAL BAKERY VIDEO ( or 3) 2,441 views – Pipe Smoking: Cherry in a Falcon (since Feb 2010) 2) 3,359 views – David O’Doherty interview part 1 (since Jan 2010) 1) 4,784 views – Crap audio transcription rewrites classic novels 2/2 (since April 2010) MOST VIEWED CO-PRODUCED BAKERY VIDEO (hosted by external YouTube accounts) 3) 7,149 views – Kent Uni is… (since Nov 2008; produced for KentUnIs) 2) 16,460 views – Advertising with Bells on (since Dec 2011; produced for Fold 7) 1) 41,534 views – Sty TV winners’ introduction (since July 2010; produced for WickedPigUK) THE NEVER WORK WITH ANIMALS AWARD (recognising screen time and variety of locations/difficulty of acting) 3) Numerous chickens and sheep, for Job Market Julian: Why do a placement year? (1/3) Farmhand 2) 2 reindeer in an office, for Advertising with Bells on 1) Aslan the dog, for Sty TV comedy challenges – episode 3: Invasion MOST PRODUCTIVE MONTH IN BAKERY BLOGGING HISTORY 3) May 2009 – 13 posts 2) December 2010 – 24 posts 1) December 2011 – 30 posts MOST CENSORED BAKERY PROJECTS 3) Job Market Julian: Before settling on a Norwegian...

Advent calendar 17: A song

My name is Adam. I am extremely sorry I am late. I will give all the other chefs a fiver as recompense. Here is a song I found which I quite like…