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There is a chap called Jason de Caires Taylor who does some quite incredible underwater sculpture. Locations include the river Stour in Canterbury and also several spots off the coast of Mexico (which exact coast, I do not know). It’s bloody fabulous either way and you should all look at the stunning photos of his newest work below. Also, listen to this here BBC Radio Kent broadcast made by Dan and Richard back in 2009 about his Alluvia sculpture in Canterbury.

CHRISTMAS IS BANNED! . . . on BBC Radio Kent

362 years ago this week, Parliament abolished Christmas and Canterbury was in uproar. Weeks of chaos ensued, and the city wall ended up with a great big hole in it… Now The Bakery presents this little stocking filler for you all – a full cast, festive production for BBC Radio Kent! You can hear our 5-minute production “The Year Christmas Was Banned” Compleat and Unexpurgated on Dominic King’s show around 5.45pm today. Or, if you missed it, listen below… It was scripted by Bakers Dadd & Fryer, and features familiar voices Tony Cooper and John Hippisley, bringing to life the real historical figures of the Town Crier & Mayor William Bridge respectively. We would like to extend a special thanks to Prof. Jackie Eales for allowing us the interview which forms the backbone of this feature, and for all the historical information with which she consequently armed us. News came of a great Insurrection at Canterbury, about keeping of Christmas-Day; The Mayor of the Town endeavouring to allay the Tumult, and exercising his Authority according to the Ordinance of Parliament against such vain and superstitious Observations, was very much abused by the rude Multitude, had his Head broke, and was dragged...

On the 2nd day of Christmas The Bakery gave to me . . . TWO WANDERING MINSTRELS

Back in the summer Dan and Richard ventured into the wilds of Wales in search of Will & Ed – two old friends of The Bakery who carve out a unique lifestyle walking the country, sleeping outdoors and singing for their supper. The results were broadcast on BBC Radio Kent and formed the final instalment of our Canterbury series for Dominic King. But there is always more to be said.  Indeed, those 5-minutes barely scratched the surface of Will & Ed. Their story is a multi-faceted one, full of people and ideas and anecdotes and strange dreams. It is hard to do them justice in such a short space as we had.  So, come in from the cold, grab yourself a hot drink (mulled wine? hot chocolate?) and cast your mind to summery evenings by crackling campfires. We are proud to present a brand new half-hour programme of entirely new material, which allows us to paint a fuller, more authentic picture of our time spent with Will & Ed. We hope to give you an impression of how earnestly Will & Ed have set about their journey, and how friendly and thought-provoking is their company. We will also find...

On the 1st day of Christmas The Bakery gave to me . . . A JAM-PACKED RADIO OF JOY!

It’s here at last . . . the Bakery Audio Player! Our BAP is fresh out of the oven. Yes that’s right, all of The Bakery’s audio hotcakes are now available in one place. And what a sexy looking little place it is, courtesy of much interior decorating by Messrs Alaric King and Max Heide. So, whether you want to indulge in the studenty sitcom antics of Konkerbury, or revisit our Gulbenkian Podcasts packed to the brim with top comedians, it’s all here. In fact there is OVER SIX HOURS of free audio produce here for your delectation. And the list will keep getting bigger. So, without further ado, lend us your ears . . . CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO STUFF

Hallowe’en on BBC Radio Kent

Our Special Hallowe’en Feature for BBC Radio Kent will be floating through the airwaves today at 6.45pm. Join local ghost expert John Hippisley (Ghost Hunter, writer, investigator of Paranormal experiences) as he leads Richard Dadd and Dan Fryer through the ancient back streets of Faversham, recounting stories to quicken the pulse and curdle the blood. The Special is expected to broadcast at 6.45pm on Dominic King’s show. Missed it? Never mind, listen below… Thanks to John Hippisley, whose Canterbury Ghost Tour is conducted twice weekly; information on this, and his book ‘Haunted Canterbury’ can be found at his official website. Also – Our sincere gratitude to Mr Tom German Esq. for his atmospheric violin playing; thus ensuring that “Rustic Knives” have finally made it onto the airwaves, albeit in a somewhat unexpected form!

BBC Radio Kent Ep.6 – WILL & ED

Our radio series reaches its conclusion this week, as we set up camp with Will & Ed. Will & Ed are walking around Britain, going where the wind takes them, leaving footsteps and songs and woodsmoke in their wake. We wanted to find them. So Dan and I headed Westwards with a tent, some smoked salmon, and the end of our radio series in sight. Thus we came to be camping in a Welsh woodland with the nomadic duo. And as the cookpot of sausage-and-nettle stew blupped on the campfire, darkness fell, and Will & Ed told us their story . . . To hear it yourself, just tune into Dominic King’s show (presented this week by Rosemary Crick) on BBC Radio Kent today from 4pm: Our thanks to Will & Ed Don’t forget to visit Will & Ed’s beautifully crafted website We hope you have enjoyed meeting the characters of this 6-part mini documentary series as much as we enjoyed tracking down and recording them. We would also like to thank Dominic King for giving us the opportunity to paint just a small audio picture of why Canterbury is such a wonderfully unique, vibrant and characterful place to live....


Our series of mini-documentaries continues today, as we meet the amazing Devilstick Peat. Looking like a Mediaeval Fool straight from a storybook, Peat’s clowning has taken him around the globe. As a founding member of Kent Circus School, he can be spotted at schools and events across the land. But Peat also takes the remarkable step of venturing into the heart of conflict zones, so that the children in these troubled places are not deprived of laughter. To hear more about the extraordinary Devilstick Peat, simply tune into Dominic King’s show on BBC Radio Kent this afternoon from 4pm, or click below: Our thanks to Peat Also, CLICK HERE to view Level Films’ breathtaking 4-min short about Peat’s visit to Beslan after the massacre. As befits the nature of Peat’s work, it includes some very moving footage, and is absolutely worth watching. Peat also asks us to mention The Anne Harris Children’s Fund which helps fund his own remarkable work. NEXT WEEK: Will & Ed are traversing Britain by foot; our adventure concludes as we camp with them in a Welsh forest…


Our BBC series returns this week, with the fourth of our mini documentaries about fascinating locals. Tony Cooper is a man of many talents, having worked as everything from a teacher to a stuntman. Nowadays he is a professional storyteller. With a dash of improvisation, he tailors tales for each assembled throng, adding local colour to ancient tales (such as those of the Middle Eastern character Nasrudin) and speaking to children and adults alike. To hear our mini-documentary on Tony, just tune in to Dominic King’s show from 4pm tomorrow (Tuesday). And, as a Special Bonus, just for The Bakery Blog, we’ve put together a hand-drawn animation to accompany Tony’s telling of ‘Nasrudin & The Hangman’s Dilemma’. Just click below to give it a watch, we hope you enjoy! Our thanks to Tony NEXT WEEK: A globetrotting Fool named Devilstick Peat . . .

Please Note

Our BBC Radio Kent series is having a break for a week in order to enjoy the summer rays. Episode 4 will broadcast on Tuesday 8th. In the mean time please enjoy this picture of a disturbing cake. This, and other disturbing cakes, will soon be available from The Bakery upon written request. Alaric has just gone out to buy some chocolate spread for our forthcoming marzipan diorama extravaganza Passchendaele Cake.


Today on BBC Radio Kent: our third mini documentary! This week we speak to Sue, about Canterbury’s cosiest and best cafe “Coffee & Corks.” Welcoming, comfortable, and undeniably bohemian, “Coffee & Corks” is open till midnight and serves all manner of teas, coffees, hot chocolates, ales and other alcoholic beverages; as well as forming a venue for local artists and musicians to showcase their work. It is also home to a number of little books, in which previous visitors have scribbled their thoughts. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO BROWSE THROUGH ONE OF THE BOOKS Just tune into Dominic King’s show at 4pm today to hear more: Our thanks to Sue and Claire. NEXT TIME: Tony Cooper tells tall tales for a living . . .