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Introducing: Tea with the Devil!

For the first time in a thousand years, we have a brand new 6-part audio comedy series for your listening pleasure! Starring Richard Dadd as Satan Himself, alongside award-winning comedian Eric Rushton, each episode eavesdrops on a soul-searching philosophical conversation between the two of them, as Eric grapples with whether he really is friends with the King of Hell, or if it’s just his mind slowly disintegrating. The animated trailer is the fantastic work of Dan Fryer, and there will be much more where that came from very soon! So get yourself over to your favourite podcast platform and type in TEA WITH THE DEVIL or forever burn in the fiery pits.

The Bakery now has a Soundcloud profile, which currently hosts our complete BBC Radio Kent series. For those unfamiliar with Soundcloud, it’s like a kind of YouTube for audio, meaning our audio output at last has the kind of interconnected platform our videos have had for years. To celebrate, here’s a rare track originally composed for my 21st, featuring Tom “Baffin Island” German, Dan “Rustic Knives” Fryer, and the legendary Rob “Codes in the Clouds” Smith on guitar. Remember, “the only way to fight a giant is to hit him with rocks between the eyes.”

David O’Doherty

Fans of the Gulbenkian Theatre Podcast may recall one of our funniest phone interviews of 2009 was with keyboard-playing Irish mirth-meister David O’Doherty. Well, the Bakery kitchen was delighted to receive an e-mail a couple of weeks back on behalf of the man himself. Apparently he’s currently embarking on his second UK tour (entitled “David O’Doh-party”) and is abstaining from offers to promote it on shit telly. The Gulbenkian Podcast meanwhile (and this is a direct quote from David) is “better than shit telly.” Would we therefore like a new interview? And so myself and Chef Dan made our way to the next venue on David’s list – the OFS Studio,Oxford – with a carrier bag of gifts and a camera to record what happened . . . If you’re in Canterbury, why not head to the Gulbenkian’s very purple new site and get some last minute tickets to his show on Saturday. Or visit David’s hilariously crap website to see if he’s touring near you. You won’t be disappointed, his Oxford gig was a thing of comedic wonder. And he’s a topping chap, to boot. Cheers, David!

On the 2nd day of Christmas The Bakery gave to me . . . TWO WANDERING MINSTRELS

Back in the summer Dan and Richard ventured into the wilds of Wales in search of Will & Ed – two old friends of The Bakery who carve out a unique lifestyle walking the country, sleeping outdoors and singing for their supper. The results were broadcast on BBC Radio Kent and formed the final instalment of our Canterbury series for Dominic King. But there is always more to be said.  Indeed, those 5-minutes barely scratched the surface of Will & Ed. Their story is a multi-faceted one, full of people and ideas and anecdotes and strange dreams. It is hard to do them justice in such a short space as we had.  So, come in from the cold, grab yourself a hot drink (mulled wine? hot chocolate?) and cast your mind to summery evenings by crackling campfires. We are proud to present a brand new half-hour programme of entirely new material, which allows us to paint a fuller, more authentic picture of our time spent with Will & Ed. We hope to give you an impression of how earnestly Will & Ed have set about their journey, and how friendly and thought-provoking is their company. We will also find...

On the 1st day of Christmas The Bakery gave to me . . . A JAM-PACKED RADIO OF JOY!

It’s here at last . . . the Bakery Audio Player! Our BAP is fresh out of the oven. Yes that’s right, all of The Bakery’s audio hotcakes are now available in one place. And what a sexy looking little place it is, courtesy of much interior decorating by Messrs Alaric King and Max Heide. So, whether you want to indulge in the studenty sitcom antics of Konkerbury, or revisit our Gulbenkian Podcasts packed to the brim with top comedians, it’s all here. In fact there is OVER SIX HOURS of free audio produce here for your delectation. And the list will keep getting bigger. So, without further ado, lend us your ears . . . CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO STUFF

Bakery Radio

Hello Bakery Listeners! PODCAST NEWS First things first, unfortunately there will be no new editions of The Gulbenkian Theatre Podcast released in the immediate future. We have just completed six solid months of Podcast production, taking in all manner of fantastic celebrities and guests, and we LOVE doing it, but alas we are all just too busy with other projects at the mo, and we decided this was a good point to take a break. The Gulbenkian is still Canterbury’s best theatre (well, the Marlowe is nothing more than a gutted carcass at the moment – Al, take pictures!) but my point still stands. This isn’t planned to be the end of The Bakery’s involvement with the Gulbenkian Theatre however, so watch this space. BBC RADIO KENT NEWS We’re currently cooking up a fun little series of audio hotcakes for broadcast on BBC Radio Kent. We’re focussing on quirky Kentish subjects, and the interesting characters that relate to them. As part of this series,  we have planted a book in top Canterbury cafe ‘Coffee and Corks’ and we’re delighted to see that the customers are filling up its pages. If you’re in the area, drop in for a cake...

Gulbenkian Podcast, May: Beano Comics and Celebrity Dogging

It’s time for another trip to Canterbury’s top theatre for a freshly-baked Podcast, which this month – due to a technical error –  comes to you courtesy of robot duplicates of Richard and Dan. Sit back and join Robo-Dan and Robo-Rich as they chat with the comic book mind behind swathes of Bunty, The Beano, ‘Doctor Who?’ and more – Mr Tim Quinn! Also popping in for a natter is the one and only Arthur Smith, talking about his new autobiography, his memories of student life, and his eyebrow-raising pitch for Sky Television. NEW: LISTEN TO THE MAY PODCAST HERE

Gulbenkian Podcast, April: Mark Thomas, ‘Pappy’s Fun Club’ and the Jazz Man

Fresh out of The Bakery’s oven comes the April Podcast for Canterbury’s Gulbenkian Theatre. This month, Dan and Richard usher you into a distinctly chilled-out and smoky mop cupboard, as the Gulbenkian Podcast turns into a mini jazz club to celebrate the Gulbenkian Jazz Singers Open Mic Night. Joining them over by the bar, for a jazz cigarette and a bit of a shooby-dooby-doo, is ‘Pappy’s Fun Club’ talking about their time at the University of Kent, and why their sitcom idea is a bit spermy at the moment. Also making an appearance among the pianos and bass-lines is comedian and political activist Mark Thomas, telling us why every laugh is a tiny revolution. You cats’d be crazy to miss it. NEW: LISTEN TO THE APRIL PODCAST HERE

Gulbenkian Podcast, March: Pole dancers & Mark Steel

Yep, the March Podcast is here. Slightly later than planned, The Bakery is proud to announce our latest Podcast instalment, produced for the wondrous Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury. This month, Dan and Richard prop open the mop cupboard door once again to give listeners the low down on the theatre’s acts and performances. There’s an interview with the fabulous comedian Mark Steel (including musing on the Puritans, student activism and Descartes’ reading habits); a competition where YOU can win 2 free tickets to see ‘Pappy’s Fun Club’ and (courtesy of an amazing piece of portable recording technology which deserves a Blog post of its own) a location feature on the University of Kent’s Pole Fitness Society. You should listen to this month’s Podcast, if only to hear mine and Dan’s attempts at pole dancing. Yes, we really did have a go. Ouch. NEW: LISTEN TO THE MARCH PODCAST HERE

Gulbenkian Podcast, February: Romancing Lucy Porter (plus bullet-proof pandas with David O’Doherty)

Come in from the blizzard and snuggle up warm in the mop cupboard – it’s time for the February Podcast! This month, Richard gets out the candles and wine and shares a Valentine’s meal deal with comedian Lucy Porter; the pant-wettingly hilarious keyboard comic Mr. David O’Doherty (Pampers on standby) does a poor job of selling his show; and the winner of the Gulbenkian Podcast Competition is announced! CLICK TO HEAR FEBRUARY PODCAST ON THE BAKERY AUDIO PLAYER