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Post-production complete on The Last Bookshop!

Exciting news: post-production on The Last Bookshop has now officially concluded, with the successful burning of an inaugural DVD! The last few months have been a real challenge. The Gods of Editing threw everything they could at us, as we leapt hurdles and dodged obstacles, so now – a few months later than planned – the film is ready at last. The coming months will will see film festival activity and promotion, after which will come free online availability via YouTube. And for those lucky few involved in the making of the film, your preview DVDs will be making their way to you soon! Please be patient while we brave Post Office queues, we can’t wait to show you all the finished product… In the mean time, all news and musings relating to the project can be followed at

Important announcement from GamaZone Corp.

The GamaZone Corporation is your official supplier of all entertainment and multimedia. This evening’s entertainment (Friday 10th June) will be supplied from 7.30pm at the No Reading Alone event in Oxford. Click here for full details for attending this event. Attendance is compulsory. GamaZone asserts full copyright in perpetuity. Any unauthorised distribution, sale or copying with be met with severe penalties. “GamaZone. The only option” is a Registered Trade Mark of the GamaZone Corporation Copyright 2071 the GamaZone Corporation

Coming in June: No Reading Alone 3

Excellent news for fans of things that are good: ‘No Reading Alone’ is returning! June 10th – exactly a month from now – is the date. As the poster says it’s £4 a ticket from for which you get a veritable orgy of quality comedy, spoken word, music and more in a quirky canal-side Oxford pub. Myself and Chef Gaetan had a whale of a time when we attended the last event even if we did get lost on the way to the venue and end up bogged down in pitch-black fields surrounded by weirs and paranoia. Fortunately, the quantities of ale and entertainment on our arrival were enough to make our journey appear nothing more than a distant Tolkien-esque dream. The event is held at the Isis Farmhouse pub, along a picturesque canal towpath in Oxford. Don’t bother asking Google Maps – it will lie to you. Just set out with confidence and supplies. We’re utterly delighted that event organiser Ewan and his sizeable crowd have a fondness for our media baking, having previously screened Chair and Small Picture.Big Frame to a very warm reception. And the eagle-eyed among you will no doubt have spotted that The...

No Reading Alone 2 in Oxford

It’s that time again for No Reading Alone: the event that sees comedy, books, poetry, music, films and wet, tasty beverages combined in one great swirling mass of excellence and then packed into all the minutes that happen between 7:30pm and closing time at Isis Farmhouse, Oxford. Among the many great acts lined up, which include Medlar Lucan, author of The Decadent Cookbook and music from the likes of Juju of Little Fish, The Bakery will be once again taking the chance to show-off one of its baked wonders, this time with Chef Alaric’s beautiful short ‘The Chair‘. So if you are in the Oxford area and you aren’t up to much, why not go along? In fact, even if you’re not in the Oxford area, and not free because you’re actually sky diving in the Hebrides or attending a funeral in Antwerp, come along anyway. Otherwise I’ll hate you. Or more importantly, you’ll hate yourself. Check out the No Reading Alone website Oxwords for more information.

Coming soon: The Last Bookshop

For the last couple of months, the Bakery kitchen has been a flurry of activity as we prepared for a new project. We’ve wiped down all the work surfaces, mopped the floor, and done the big shop. Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and crack out the rolling pin. But what, I hear you cry, are we cooking? Well, we can’t keep the cat in the bag anymore (yes, there’s a cat in a bag in this kitchen, who are you – environmental health?) we’re embarking on a new film called The Last Bookshop. For this project we also thought we’d try something a little different. Namely, we’ve set up a little side-blog, entirely dedicated to the production of the film. Fanfare please for… This film will be a special one, roping in tons of people, and bags of lovely second-hand bookshops. We hope – in these days of library closures, barren high streets and panicking publishers – to distill the magic of books into a little dream of a film.

No Reading Alone in Oxford

Any event which chooses to advertise itself with an image of a doddery old man is surely off to a good start. So we’re very happy to see the poster below advertising tonight’s ‘No Reading Alone’ event at the Isis Farmhouse pub in Oxford. There promises to be comedians, authors, poets, music . . . it’s a delightfully eclectic miscellany of worthy creative pursuits, and exactly the kind of thing of which the Bakery whole-heartedly approves. So we’re somewhat delighted to confirm that a small slice of the evening will be Bakery-flavoured, in that Chef Adam’s charming wee animation ‘Small Picture. Big Frame.’ will be given an airing. If you’re reading this blog in the future, and you even attended the event yourself, perhaps you might wish to see it again. In which case, please be our guest . . . Small Picture. Big Frame. from The Bakery on Vimeo. Our big thanks to ‘No Reading Alone’ for including The Bakery on the bill. If they’re happy to have us back, then it would be an honour to stoke up our oven and collaborate on a future event. P.S. If you’re in Oxford: go!

Wicked Pig – Challenge 2.

At long last Sty TV have unveiled our second challenge video, sponsored by Wicked Pig pork snacks. Richard and Dan have a week to become fully-fledged celebrities… P.S. Apologies for the title card grafted onto the beginning which is almost as long as the feature itself. Sometimes our baking gets re-iced after it leaves our kitchen…

Wicked Pig – Challenge 1.

Here at last, is the first of our Challenge Films for Sty TV! And a trailer…

Coming Soon… The Wicked Pig Challenges!

Richard and Dan are currently embarking upon the first of the Wicked Pig Challenges for StyTV, which will hit your computer screens very soon. Their first challenge is to make a fiver into a fortune… Meanwhile, all previous records for Bakery video viewing figures have been shattered by our  Sty Tv Introduction video which has now been seen by over 23,000 people! It’s absurd. It’s ridiculous. It’s . . . more than the population of Aberystwyth.

Crash Test

I present to thee my final piece of work whilst at Escape Studios. Everything was completed by myself from modeling, tracking, removing lens distortion, removing tracking markers, through to rendering and compositing (with quite a few other steps in between!). (Edit: Due to legal reasons I have to state that Gate “did the acting”). So, as short and sweet as it may be, enjoy! (as always crits of the goods and the bads are always welcomed) Chef Adam