Birmingham Comedy Festival Breaking Talent Award 2022

Birmingham Comedy Festival 2022 runs from 7th-16th October 2022, and our very own Richard Dadd is doing no fewer than five shows. Check out the full listings and details at He’s also been nominated for the prestigious Breaking Talent Award, which will be held at the Birmingham Glee Club on Friday 7th October. Richard will do a spot alongside 4 other specially selected acts, before the judges decide who they deem the winner. For me details CLICK THIS CHORTLE ARTICLE.

Introducing: Tea with the Devil!

For the first time in a thousand years, we have a brand new 6-part audio comedy series for your listening pleasure! Starring Richard Dadd as Satan Himself, alongside award-winning comedian Eric Rushton, each episode eavesdrops on a soul-searching philosophical conversation between the two of them, as Eric grapples with whether he really is friends with the King of Hell, or if it’s just his mind slowly disintegrating. The animated trailer is the fantastic work of Dan Fryer, and there will be much more where that came from very soon! So get yourself over to your favourite podcast platform and type in TEA WITH THE DEVIL or forever burn in the fiery pits.


Yeah that’s right. TikTok. Because we’re still young and with it. Dan Fryer is currently raking in literally millions of views with his animated channel Mama Joe’s. And at least two other Bakery alumni can be found TikToking – namely Gate who can be found quizzing HERE and Richard who’s putting up sketches HERE. It’s surely a matter of days before Alaric has his own channel for dancing.

Press briefing from Father Christmas

BREAKING NEWS: Santa gives Press Briefing from the North Pole. A festive sketch written and performed by Richard Dadd, with additional material by West Midlands comics Mary Flanigan, Sham Zaman, and Eric Rushton.

Hallowe’en Watsonathon

Hot on the heels of the Birmingham Comedy Festival Spooktacular, Mary Flanigan and Richard Dadd have brought a condensed version of the show to Mark Watson’s 24-hour Watsonathon Twitch stream. Across an entire day of non-stop streaming, Mark was joined by an array of comedy guests, and at 4AM he summoned the Devil in the form of Richard Dadd. The show was raising money for Turn2Us and the Comedy Support Act – both causes helping people in financial straits, in this crappest of years. You can watch Mary and Richard’s segment below, and donations are still welcome at

Birmingham Comedy Festival 2020

Cop a load of this poster, which Dan Fryer has designed to promote the “Pick Your Own Escapade” interactive comedy show, happening as part of this year’s Birmingham Comedy Festival. You’ll notice the poster features Richard Dadd in Satanic form, and that’s exactly the role he will be adopting as part of the show. For full details CLICK HERE

Satan’s lockdown videos

Welcome to 2020, the first year to be sponsored by Satan himself. Here’s what the old devil’s got to say for himself… Later on in lockdown, Satan was summoned once again, to answer your burning questions… And finally – even the Dark Lord feels a bit down in the dumps sometimes… For more of this sort of nonsense, please follow the Richard Dadd comedian Facebook page!


The more observant among you might have noticed a global pandemic has been causing a spot of bother lately. Back in March, finding himself in lockdown, and with all his stand-up gigs cancelled, Richard turned to desperately recreating the West Midlands comedy scene in his bedroom… It took several long months, but finally the lockdown restrictions started to ease. Richard was finally free to go out into the world and make contact with his fellow local comedians. But what he found were just the broken shells of people – worn down by isolation and a lack of gigs, they had all but lost their minds… Spare a thought for the next rambling mad man you encounter shouting in a park. Once upon a time, he might have been an obscure local stand-up comedian.

Unheard: Andy Hamilton

Back in the days of the Gulbenkian Podcast we recorded a 30-minute interview with comedy legend Andy Hamilton. Unfortunately, only a couple of minutes of this material was ever used, so the majority of this interview has gone unheard UNTIL NOW! So let’s take a trip back in time to the Gulbenkian mop cupboard and join me and Andy as we chat about comedy writing; the differences between TV, Film and Radio; his memories of Douglas Adams and Geoffrey Perkins; his sitcoms Outnumbered, Drop the Dead Donkey, Old Harry’s Game and much more…

The Outer Circle

At last! A brand new short film from Richard Dadd and Dan Fryer: The Outer Circle. This one has had an unusually long gestation. In 2016, we began work on a TV pilot for a proposed series called The Mixed Bag, which was to be a showcase of comedy, music, new writing and short film focused on the West Midlands. Among the many things sketched out for future episodes, I proposed a dramatised short story about a man who spends his days stuck on the Number 11 bus, unable to make progress in his life as he goes round and round forever. But it soon became clear the pilot wasn’t going to lead to a series, so I started thinking about recycling the story as a short film. Our plan was to keep the production as small and basic as possible. We shot on location in Birmingham, with Dan acting as a one-man film crew, while Richard and local actress Catrin Huitson provided things for him to point a camera at. The excellent music was then composed and performed by Natasha Davies, a local musician Richard discovered playing at The Spotted Dog pub in Digbeth. Getting the edit completed...