The Guinness cookery book of records 2013

It’s been 2 years since the last Bakery records so without further ado, here are the official most popular Bakery videos…

All record true on 31st December 2013


3) 5,449 views – Crap audio transcription rewrites classic novels (2/2) (since April 2010)

2) 7,654 views – David O’Doherty interview part 1 (since Jan 2010)

1) 76,487 views – The Last Bookshop (since April 2013)

MOST VIEWED CO-PRODUCED BAKERY VIDEO (hosted by external YouTube accounts)

3) 27,282 views – Advertising with Bells on (since Dec 2011; produced for Fold7)

2) 39,785 views – Edge of the Earth (since May 2012; produced for Syd Arthur)

1) 41,686 views – Sty TV winners’ introduction (since July 2010; produced for WickedPigUK)


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  1. How does a spot count as “Co-Produced”?

    If this counts it could take a while to beat…

  2. Chef Richard *


    Good question, Mr Flex.

    I like to think that in years to come, scholars will have heated debates about which projects do and do not qualify for inclusion in the Bakery canon. Perhaps they will factionalise into radical academics who insist, for example, “Konkers” doesn’t count because it was broadcast before Alaric bought the webakestuff domain. Or that “A Visitor Departs” definitely should count, and has been unfairly marginalised.

    You’ve opened a Pandora’s Box here. What is a co-production? And when do solo projects count? Some would say you need at least 2 Bakery cooks involved before something counts. Others would say that opens the floodgates to a torrent of adverts by Dan and Gate, which they themselves might not consider eligible for inclusion.

    As with all artistic movements, the boundaries and criteria are fluid and open to interpretation. Will Tom German’s biro drawings one day be seen as the most important works of The Bakery movement? Quite possibly. Despite them only having been seen by himself and his mother.

    This new Volkswagen ad plays an important role in the ongoing “Angelic Wings” series of works, spearheaded by Adam Droy, which future academics will come to view in light of Droy’s tragic later years. The turning point came with the 2018 Springwatch scandal, when it was revealed that the popular BBC One programme was a tissue of lies. All of the foxes were glove puppets, hedgehogs were a mythical species, and all of the birds featured in the programme had been animated by Adam Droy. This was confirmed when it was pointed out that birds in the wild do not have any wings, we just think they do because Springwatch keep telling us they do, aided and abetted by Adam Droy’s deceitful animations.

    Droy’s subsequent nervous breakdown was characterised by him making thousands of pairs of wings out of cotton wool and coat hangers, and sewing them onto the backs of live dogs, cats, and children.

    From that perspective, it is impossible to think that a work so loaded with significance as the Lynx adverts and the Volkswagen ad, could have been overlooked as Bakery co-productions. As absurd as when Andre Breton declared that Salvador Dali had been disowned by the Surrealist movement, and could no longer identify his work with that crowd. Incidentally, Dali’s reply was “I am surrealism.”

    If I were you, Mr Droy, I would write a strongly worded letter to the Guinness record compilers saying simply “I am The Bakery!”

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