Sales reps rap

It’s the 1980s, you are a sales rep for the Southern Food Brokerage Corporation, and your boss wants you and all your colleagues to join in with a little bit of harmless fun…


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  1. Geodaddi

    This is excruciatingly awful!!!!!!!!! Bad enough to have performed in it, but to find that it is preserved for eternity on youtube???????????????????????????????

    • I know. Poor them. After nearly 30 years, they had probably only just managed to shut out the memory.

      The Super Broker Shuffle: so upsetting it will destroy your ability to punctuate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????@@@@£º∞§¢¶•ª€#¡¢§•

      PS – Unless you’re Al, obviously…

  2. I still can’t watch this through in its entirety. I have to keep re-visiting, and skip through. The saturation of jumpers-tucked-into-chinos is ground breaking.

  3. I’m surprised by your lack of stamina Mr King! I thought you of all people would lap this up!

    Personally, I have the opposite problem. I am addicted to playing it all the way through. I have now watched it many times. I even find myself humming it during the washing up. It’s one of my favourite works of the 20th century.

    You have to sit through the whole thing in order to break through the pain barrier and reach the nirvana on the other side.

    Also, the name of the third cheerleader is delightfully close to “Jan Grimshaw.”

  4. I think if they went into a rap battle for sure they would win with lines like this one: “I didn’t come here to stop my hustle, I came here to win the Super Broker Shuffle”, I wonder if any of them are still around here is their contact details if you want to thank them or ask for a new rap video haha

    • Excellent research Zanda. Although I am devastated to see that none of the names on that link are Lara Mosley, Patsy Hughes, Jan Bradshaw, or indeed any of the other members of the 1980s Super Broker Shuffler posse. A quarter of a century and they’ve all gone.

      Perhaps they’ve all gone into hiding?

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