Syd Arthur Music Video

April saw The Bakery making our first music video. It was for Canterbury based psychedelic rock band, Syd Arthur. They approached us because they knew we had some cameras and are shit at saying “no” to things. It was a great deal of fun making the video with the guys, especially because Dan was wearing his lucky new jacket. Without that, we would have ended up with a video like this. The track, Edge of the Earth, is off their new album On An On.

The video got its online premiere on the Prog Rock music magazine’s blog here:

The incredible light box was kindly lent to us by the very patient Roderic Wilson from I say lent, he actually set it all up for us too. For those interested, the light box runs off a matrix of HEXMOD LED’s that are controlled by laptop running a program called Madrix. Inside Madrix, we ran a que-sequence which we had pre-programmed lighting textures to the precise timings of the music. All the lighting textures were made by us too. Many thanks to Chris from for teaching me how to do all of this, at such short notice.


As with all Baked Cakes, this was a real team effort. Thanks to Dan for manning the 2nd camera, helping me shoot everything and buying bacon sandwiches. Richard, who spent the entire day sat behind the lightbox, didn’t see any of the action as he was having to man the laptop running the lights. Probably the most boring job of the day, but certainly one of the most important.

And finally, thanks again to the jacket, we couldn’t have done it without you.

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  1. It was the most enjoyable day I have spent sitting alone on a plastic chair in the pitch dark, turning lights on and off, and hoping my childhood epilepsy didn’t return.

    Seriously though, it was a fun shoot, and I think the final video is excellent. Rod’s magical light boxes really do look a treat, and it’s a cracking tune too – can’t wait to get my hands on the album.

    Can’t believe this is the first Bakery music video that has actually seen the light of day. After the various other videos we have proposed or dreamed up (not to mention 2 semi-edited Arlet videos filmed last year). I like a good music video. Here’s to The Bakery getting some more under our belt.

    (Incidentally, for those whose epilepsy is more prominent than mine, shouldn’t there be a notice on Vimeo regarding flashing imagery..?)

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