Post-production complete on The Last Bookshop!

Exciting news: post-production on The Last Bookshop has now officially concluded, with the successful burning of an inaugural DVD!

The last few months have been a real challenge. The Gods of Editing threw everything they could at us, as we leapt hurdles and dodged obstacles, so now – a few months later than planned – the film is ready at last.

The coming months will will see film festival activity and promotion, after which will come free online availability via YouTube. And for those lucky few involved in the making of the film, your preview DVDs will be making their way to you soon! Please be patient while we brave Post Office queues, we can’t wait to show you all the finished product…

In the mean time, all news and musings relating to the project can be followed at


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  1. Great stuff! I very much look forward to a personal viewing with a live directors commentary!

    • Cheers, Flex.

      You’ll be pleased to hear that live directors commentaries of The Last Bookshop can be booked as part of a tiered package. You can choose from…

      BRONZE PACKAGE: (£75) One of the directors of TLB (choose from either Dan Fryer or Richard Dadd) will talk to you over the phone (charges reversed) while you watch the film on a small black-and-white portable telly.

      SILVER PACKAGE: (£250) Both directors will sit either side of you on your sofa and discuss the film across you. Please note you are not permitted to ask questions or talk during the directors’ commentary.

      GOLD PACKAGE: (£5,000) Both directors will bring Gurdeep’s projector to your house and fiddle around with the damn thing in a futile attempt to screen the film on your chimney breast at a half-decent size and clarity. Afterwards, Dan will order a Chinese takeaway, during which a brief Q&A session may take place.

      Orders via Paypal.

      • At first I thought the price jump between the silver and gold package was a bit steep, then I noticed that there would be Chinese takeway which would perfectly warrant the extra £4,750.

        It’s a tricky decision.

  2. Tom German Doesnt live here anymore

    Wicked. Well done guys! It will be brilliant. Tom

  3. Richard John Fryer

    Really enjoyed viewing the film and look forward to purchasing the DVD. I think the advent of tablets makes this film more relevant than ever. Fact and fiction will meet sooner than we had realized perhaps? DAD Richard Fryer

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