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The Bakery now has a Soundcloud profile, which currently hosts our complete BBC Radio Kent series. For those unfamiliar with Soundcloud, it’s like a kind of YouTube for audio, meaning our audio output at last has the kind of interconnected platform our videos have had for years. To celebrate, here’s a rare track originally composed for my 21st, featuring Tom “Baffin Island” German, Dan “Rustic Knives” Fryer, and the legendary Rob “Codes in the Clouds” Smith on guitar. Remember, “the only way to fight a giant is to hit him with rocks between the eyes.”

You don’t know how lucky you are

This won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I thought I’d post this music video up because I think it’s really striking and powerful. A lot of my childhood was spent in mid Wales, where the barren craggy landscapes and tumbledown slate ruins seem to hold a memory of generations of hardship. Where small Welsh mining communities once toiled, often there is now emptiness. A distant echo of long dead industry. A silence broken only by sheep, wind and small avalanches of scree.  Finding a mouldy sheep skull among nettles in a rocky pile that used to be someone’s fireplace, you wonder how people ever called this place home. How did they ever make ends meet, and huddle here against the cold? Nothing happens in this video, yet still it stirs up all these thoughts and memories. Or rather, a lot happens in this video, but all of it is played out on the face of a lone woman. The music video is for a track by Keaton Henson, titled You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are. That’s pretty mesmerising isn’t it? I do really like the song, but I have to say I admire the director, David Wilson, for...