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I love marrow

I came across this superb campaign when it was first released back in 2007. It’s for a bone marrow charity. It had a superb website back then too, which had a fine selection of desktop wallpapers. Alas is no longer, though it’s video lives on: Long live the days of nice small well executed campaigns like this.


Here’s a topic for discussion. I truly believe that persistence is the most important quality when doing anything remotely creative. Skills and natural talent of course help an awful lot, but it’s persistence that makes our ideas see the light of day. Now meet The Treeman, a chap from Liverpool who can play the guitar and write songs. He’s become somewhat famous on YouTube because of the video below and is also a new hero of mine because if he embodies one thing, it’s persistence. If you’ve ever tried to do anything that is difficult, you will no doubt connect with this man. I do warn you, the video is a little alarming to start with but oh god, is it funny too. It’s to no surprise that he’s got a bit of a following because of that rather vibrant video. The more fantastic thing is that he’s actually finished recording an EP and is booking gigs off the back of this fame. Of course there are going to be a large amount of ironic fans out there, but i’d also like to think that the majority of the fans find something inspiring about him.  I’d hazard a guess...