Be humbled my fellow chefs…

Many are the times we’ve seen a mediocre production of a badly written script based on a lacklustre idea, and thought to ourselves, “it’s a crime that good money is being wasted on such arse.”

But sometimes on the other hand, you just have to hold your hands up and admit that some people are just better than you, and feel humbled by their mere existence. This was certainly how I felt when I came across the gem that is “Dalston Superstars.” Enjoy!


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  1. Oh good god. Vice Magazine have started making videos that satirise all of it’s readership. And although the ‘Malcom in the middle’ joke was good, i cant find it funny as i know the whole thing is commissioned by the sort of twats who have launch parties every time they release a new issue (

    If we all start satirising ourselves, Richard Dadd will be out of a job.

  2. Tom German Doesnt live here anymore

    Theres a brilliant scene in Nathan Barley where a character orders a coffee with smoked salmon and eggs in it and Nathan barley copies him because he thinks its cool, and he calls Nathan a dickhead and Nathan just agrees with him. The most frustrating thing about Vice magazine is that if you called them a bunch of pricks they would just agree with you and call it ‘prick uber chic’. Its an unwinnable war…

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