Advent Calendar 8: It’s all about timing…

On the eighth day of Christmas,
The Bakery gave to me:
8 perfectly timed photos

Chef Dan and myself have been working on something so ridiculously exciting, we might have to hijack the 12th day’s post to tell you all about it. In the meantime, I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait (luckily, I’m told good things come to those who do)… But until then, let me say no more (said Aegeon to Solinus), and let me instead share these other 8 timing-based gems with you on this, the 8th day of Christmas.


Don’t you hate it when people start laughing before getting to the punchline of the joke they’re telling?


Great news buddy, that prostate looks good as new!

Bitch goin’ get it.

It was only slowing him down…

What big round medals you have there, soldier…

Unclench damn you! I need those keys to get home!


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  1. Nice captioning.
    That penultimate photo took me a couple of seconds…

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