Advent Calendar 6: Nostalgic Epilepsy

On the sixth day of Christmas,
The Bakery gave to me:
Nostalgic Epilepsy

After the rather nostalgic posts by Richard and then Dan, i thought it was my turn to also take a look back a projects past. Dusting of an old hard drive, i started scouring it for out-take footage to cobble together into a witty 2 minute video. Then i realised i’ve pretty much used it all up in a number of jazz remixes and birthday surprises. All i was left with was 5 seconds of WhiteBoy Mashup footage where Tom screams “Yallllll be trippin” and uses the name “Trigger-the-bloodshed-x-factor-phd”. Funny as it was, it’s not really substantial enough for a post.

So at midnight last night i sat there scrubbing though hours and hours of old footage and it dawned on me, this was 4 years of film making flashing in front of my eyes. And as you do, when armed with a short attention span, i became curious as to what 4 years of projects would look like if all crammed into 75 seconds. Add a bit of chromatic aberration and the only track in my iTunes that happened to be 75 seconds long, and what you end up with is a surreal piece of Bakery modern art. Or, Julian’s “life replay”; the idea that key moments from your entire life flash before your eyes in those last few moments before you die.

This is definitely one where you should use headphones instead of laptop speakers, for the full experience.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of it, other than it’s a bit odd. And has nothing to do with Christmas. A true piece of modern art!

UPDATE: New version of video now below.

Note: this was made using all the films i had available – i’m aware there’s a few more missing!

The Bakery’s official 4th birthday party is on the 12th of January (the date we first registered the domain).


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  1. Bostin!

    Perhaps we should pool our resources and have a comprehensive updated version of this film for the 4th birthday?

    I smiled at the whole of this fast-forward video, but it was the footage from Disparate Set Pieces that struck a note of true nostalgia in me, because footage from that film looks indistinguishable from my real life at that time!

    Nice work, Al.

  2. This was marvelous. It’s about as close to a showreel as we are ever going to get!

    Nice work King.

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