Advent calendar 47: A trio of comedy sketches

On the eleventh day of Christmas,
The Bakery gave to me:
Three excellent but unrelated comedy sketches

My initial plan for today’s post has been temporarily shelved, but fortunately I have an entertaining Plan B ready for you. Appointing myself a British Comedy connoisseur, I have extensively sampled a wide crop of sketches in order to hand-pick a trio of organic, free range, treat-yourself comedy sketches which you may not be familiar with.

To get the ball rolling, we shall start off with a sketch that has the most festive flavour, featuring as it does that nice Jesus fella. It also features Stewart Lee. As I understand it, Jesus and Stew get along famously. They even collaborated on an opera.

This sketch makes me wish Stewart Lee featured as a regular character in the actual Bible. His presence would make it a much more entertaining (and better thought-through) read.

No, not “ah!”

Next up, Christmas often features friends and families sitting around playing board games. So here’s a favourite sketch of mine, about Russian Roulette…

Okay, no matter how hard I try I can’t really contrive a Christmas connection to the next sketch. But it does have a personal resonance, as it concerns voice recognition technology. Anyone who has ever witnessed me speaking to an automated phone service will be able to attest that for some bizarre reason my mild West Midlands tones appear to be utterly incomprehensible to them. How Noddy Holder manages I have no idea.

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