Advent Calendar 3: Some Photography

On the third day of Christmas,
The Bakery gave to me:
A disparate selection of relatively interesting images

Today’s post is all about photographs. What is a photograph? How does an image impact on how we see the world? Is it possible to trap a single moment within pixels or chemicals that genuinely captures what it was that made that instance unique, and therefore defy physics by transcending time and space and allowing any given recipient of that photograph access to that key moment in our universe? Could that even be true of a picture of my balls?

In this vein I’ve decided to share some with you friendly people (photographs not balls).

Now some of you may know that a couple of years ago I bought a Canon 5D mk II, principally so that I would have a way to film the various Bakery video projects that were coming up (click ‘film’ above if you want to remind yourself of our exploits), but it never really occured to me that I would use it for that much else beyond that. So even though I was buying one of the best professional stills cameras within the price bracket at the time, I am ashamed to say that I had pretty much no intention of using it to take meaningful photos.

However, having the camera around, and also being interested in photography in general, it was inevitably that I would end up taking at least some photos. So I was pleasantly suprised when, at about 3am this morning, I looked in my pictures folder and it turned out that I hadn’t taken just some. I had taken bloody loads.

So without further ado, here are some of my favourites. Enjoy.


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  1. Phyllis Fryer

    What can I say! I am delighted that there is not a picture of your unmentionables.

  2. Thanks for your comment Phyllis; I am glad that this means I don’t have to be the one to break to you the news of Dan’s frankly unsavoury habit. It’s behaviour like that which got him chucked out of the University photography society.

    Also, his insistence on entering the BBC’s Countryfile photography competition every year with a different selection of photographs of his private parts is getting out of hand. Last year he submitted one photograph in particular which he claimed could fit into every single one of the 12 Countryfile categories:

    1. Wildlife
    2. Insects and Spiders
    3. In All Weathers
    4. Working Animals
    5. Leisure and Pleasure
    6. The Lighter Side of Country Life
    7. Plant life
    8. Landscapes
    9. Water Worlds
    10. Farm Life 

    11. Birds
    12. Country People

    Needless to say he did not take home the ‘Best in Show’ rosette.

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