Advent calendar 14: Advertising with Bells On

On the fourteenth day of Christmas,
The Bakery gave to me:
A much anticipated bit of work by Chefs Dan and Gate,
featuring special guest appearances by other chefs (can you spot them?)
and the Bakery blog itself!

That’s right, it’s finally here! Please post it on your walls, tweet it, digg it, like it, share it, tumblr it, talk about it to your aunt Nelly… and tell her to pass it on too! We’re really happy with it and quite proud, so now let’s get seen by as many people as possible!


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  1. Oh royally shit that bed. Properly shit it. A masterpiece. Infact, just 1:50 alone, would make it a masterpiece.

    I’m overwhelmed.

  2. It’s probably been about 20 years since I last sat on Father Christmas’s knee, and I think I looked equally as unimpressed back then…

  3. Ben Turk

    Where did you get reindeer from?!

  4. Tom German Doesnt live here anymore

    Really good guys! Loved it! Very funny, brilliantly shot as per usual. My only amendment would have been the line, ‘Ho Ho Ho, Ive got a shitty arse!’ Im going to post this up on my Facebook to spread the word

  5. the hoffs

    great little film-every office should have a santa

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