Advent Calendar 4: Bohemia Grove

On the third day of Christmas,
The Bakery gave to me:
Conspiracy fact #1: Bohemia Grove

Everything so far has been too easy. Pleasant amusing jokes, nice pictures, videos of a bespectacled loon in a flood warbling about crabs. Its time for Redshield to get serious on you. The fact is we don’t live in a nice world of mothers and fun, it’s a jungle out there people. You need to go out there armoured with facts. You need to have truth bullets for your justice gun, and Redshield will spit out mind bullets faster than a lizard running from an Icke seminar.

Over the next few weeks I will be giving you stuff to shout at white men in suits. Here at Flanf House we have a saying, facts are like handbags, in that they’re portable and you can hit people with them. Get violent brethren, use these word swords to clobber the squares. Anger a bank manager. Ruffle the feathers of a regional circuit judge.

The first veracity bomb I am going to drop on you is about a place called Bohemia Grove. Nestled in the woodland around San Francisco, Bohemia Grove is ostensibly a country club for the rich and famous, a science camp for the swinging dicks. However following the equation (rich overweight men + booze + the Occult = A worldwide conspiracy to enslave humanity) or ROM + B + O = $$$, there almost certainly is something going on. Throw in a bit of salacious homosexual activity involving Henry Kissinger and you have hours of quality wagon time in between fixing the Stanna stair lift and going on a BP garage run.

So, enjoy this video courtesy of RT news, haven of quality journalism (with added English accents, for that quality BBC finish). Keep the faith my brethren, and keep a weather eye for Redshield’s next juggernaut of reality.

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  1. Chef Dan

    I’m glad that you’ve finally come out Redshield and given us some veracity.

    I have a question: how do I become a member? Do I need to be american? is it only for politicians, or cna any rich person turn up?

    Is there a door charge?

  2. Tom German Doesnt live here anymore

    Its invite only. Journalist Jon Ronson and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones broke in once. They do this ceremony called ‘The Incarceration of Care’ where they burn a massive owl statue. They each have lodges, which kind of run in the family. Im not a conspiracy theorist, but it is a bit wierd.


  3. Tom German Doesnt live here anymore

    Its just a model geoff. Its symbolic. Now get back to your charity shop…

  4. Chef Dan

    I heard while they do burn a massive owl effigy, they also burn a real owl.

    A tawny owl.

  5. Tom German Doesnt live here anymore

    I dont know if Geoff and Redshield live in the same world. Its like Gandalf and Rincewind meeting for a pint.

  6. Gandalf and Rincewind could definitely meet for a pint. Maybe they would alternate between meeting at the Mended Drum and meeting at the Prancing Pony, in order to share the convenience.

  7. Tom German Doesnt live here anymore

    Pub Quiz at the Drum, Happy Hour and a meat raffle at the Prancing Pony. Do Geoff and Redshield live in the same sad, dilapadated seaside town?? I could actually see them sharing miserable existences in close proximity. Bakeryworld

  8. In an infinite number of parallel universes, Redshield and Geoff would presumably coincide at some point. Redshield of course believes in parallel universes, Geoff doubtless won’t have given it much thought.

    Bakeryworld: where Professor Malmreg and Job Market Julian rub shoulders with giant running Doritos and a small cut-out paper person in a big frame.

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