How very exciting… (to our inner nerds)

More exciting than typing “do a barrel roll” in google, if you type “the bakery”, we’re now number 2!

Take that Hummingbird!


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  1. I’m going to go right ahead and press the “Like” button on this one*

    * Al King is yet to implement the “Like” button, but I’m sure that this is high on his to-do list, straight after 1) Sit in pants, and 2) Bake a banana cake.

  2. Never mind a ‘like’ button, what I’d really like you to do Al, is to follow Spotify’s lead by making it actually impossible to access The Bakery without first typing in your Facebook log-in and password.

    Our website is just too accessible and not nearly elitist enough these days.

    Furthermore, I want exhaustive and boring (and non-overridable) automatic status updates to be triggered every single time anyone ever does anything on our site.

    – Steve Bambera just mistakenly visisted The Bakery after Googling “floury baps”
    – Dan Fryer just admired the 404 page
    – Tom German just searched The Bakery Blog for “conspiracy”
    – Richard Dadd just left a cynical remark

    • Now this is a level of functionality i would like to see implemented! The more useless news feeds the better. We all lead such thoroughly fascinating lives, who wouldn’t log on to find out these things?

  3. Geodaddi


    err – I mean, I concur!

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