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New Konkers sketch 2: Konkers USA

The second of our two specially-produced features to mark Konkers’ impending 5th birthday. It’s time to reveal all to you. After several months of flying backwards and forwards to Los Angeles for business lunches, I have finally reached a lucrative agreement with a major production company. Konkers is at last gearing up to join the vast catalogue of British programmes that have been soullessly adapted for the American market. Featuring voices peculiarly similar to those of Al Boyagis, Richard Dadd, Jan Grimshaw and Gate Lambert First broadcast on CSR FM 10th Nov 2011 God bless America  

New Konkers sketch 1: Geoff Island’s job interview

The first of two brand new sketches marking the 5th anniversary of Konkers. It’s high time we caught up with Geoff Island. These days he’s a Konkerbury graduate, looking for work in David Cameron’s Britain. Let’s find out how he’s getting on… Written by Richard Dadd Edited by Dan Fryer Geoff Island………..Richard Dadd Mark Tressle……………Al Boyagis First broadcast on CSR FM –  27th Oct 2011

Konkers concludes

Konkers concludes its fifth anniversary retrospective this evening, with Episode Six on CSR FM. In classic CSR style there have been a few hiccups along the way, but it’s been great to get the show back on the airwaves. Thanks to everyone for listening, and for CSR for being kind enough to champion Konkers and promote the repeats. Immediately after tonight’s 6pm news bulletin there will be the second (and last) of our brand new Konkers sketches, followed by episode 6 itself. For those of you unable to listen, fear not, both of the new sketches will be available to hear on this blog very soon!

How very exciting… (to our inner nerds)

More exciting than typing “do a barrel roll” in google, if you type “the bakery”, we’re now number 2! Take that Hummingbird!

Olympics posters

Here at The Bakery we just can’t wait for next year’s London Olympics to start!!! To celebrate, here are just four of the brilliant new posters marking the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games that you will soon be able to enjoy on show at the Tate Britain. The best thing about this sort of news is that it is entirely self-satirising.