Return to Konkerbury

Good news for fans of our classic University-based sitcom Konkers!

CSR FM is celebrating the show’s fifth birthday by serving up a landmark re-run of every episode – with some BRAND NEW features!

I won’t say too much, but I can reveal that we will be hearing from a post-University Geoff Island later in the run.

Episode one airs tonight preceded by the first of the special features – a phone interview with myself, conducted by current Head of Speech Daryl Smith. After all those phone interviews I conducted with celebs for the Gulbenkian Podcast, now the tables have turned. Here’s hoping I’m not rambling and incoherent.

The return of Konkers has even made front page news at and those good chaps have even seen fit to include our Konkerbury promotional video. Cheers guys!

Thursday at 6pm on 97.4 CSR FM (repeated Sunday 11pm)


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  1. Geoff was never the luckiest of men. But Geoff in a financial depression??? It makes me fear for the worse….. or will it be a case of two negatives making a positive?

  2. The American

    Dear Richard and other lovely contributers of Konkers,
    Although I missed the CSR airings of Konkers, earlier this week I did listen to several episodes whilst on the couch recovering from food poisoning. While Al was tapping away at work on the computer and I was as I said, incapacitated on the couch, we both were in absolute fits of hysterics listening to the stories of all the characters at Konkerbury. With too many instances to recall all of them, I do remember in particular Peter’s session with the counsellor, Brian’s car ride to Uni, Walter’s diary entries, and Peter at the medical center to have left me in absolute stiches. We both had tears of laughter rolling down our cheeks. They say laughter is the best medicine and I can certainly say that listening to those hilariously brilliant stories/voices/characters made me laugh so heartily that it lulled me into a sleep that sped up my recovery!
    I can’t even imagine how much time and effort it must have taken to put together such masterpieces from start to finish and everything in-between. They sound polished and professional and I’m thoroughly impressed and appreciative that such gems were created!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the laughs!
    The Gerty Riddler (the most recent Tom German generated nickname for me)

  3. Why, thank you very kindly indeed. What thoroughly lovely, and greatly appreciated feedback. Cheers! You’ve put a smile upon my face . . . my usually sharp and shady sinister bearded Birmingham features.

    I am so glad that listening to Konkers helped you feel a little better, whilst you were stricken with the after-effects of suffering Al’s cooking.

    It is also hugely appreciated that you mention the time and effort that went into making the series. Some people seem to think we bashed them out in a wet weekend! In truth, It was a monumental task indeed. Well over a year of my life (and almost as much for Dan, who was involved in every aspect of production except my long solitary nights of writing). And if it paid off by making something that people enjoy listening to, then it was worth all our hard work.

    I hope you get a chance to finish off the series, because I think the quality improves as it goes on. And I hope you get a chance to hear the couple of new special Konkers features that CSR are doing their best to hide from the airwaves! The second one in particular will have some relevance when it is eventually released…

    Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to our radio series. I genuinely appreciate it.

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