Eat. Learn. Move

If you are hungry, wanting to learn or desperate to go traveling… don’t watch these…


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  1. I swear you’ve posted these videos up here with the sole intention of giving Alaric King the horn. I’m fully expecting a 4th video comprising a man walking through a montage of different tractors in rural scenes set to piano.

    Personally I only like extremely bland food, have no desire to learn, and wouldn’t leave England if you paid me. These videos left me cold.

  2. I’m confused as to the purpose of these videos…is it some sort of STA sponsored pro gap-year thing? It’s too well shot and he’s too good looking and i’m massively sceptical of it all.

    I’d like to see the bakery do a version of this. With unhealthy, miserable, ugly, untalented people, going to depressing English destinations in the drizzle and achieving nothing.

    That’s our winter project sorted then! Who’s with me on this? First stop, Port Talbot:

    • Ha ha! I think a series of videos of people in depressing drizzly locations, eating dismal food and achieving nothing sounds wonderful to me, Alaric. The perfect antidote to all this sickening sunny business above.


      I am at pains to point out that the second video ‘Learn’ is incorrectly titled. ‘Learning’ and ‘having a go’ are two different concepts.

      You can HAVE A GO at something (like golf, or knitting, or pottery) and learn absolutely nothing. Conversely you can LEARN about things (like the partition of India, the philosophical concept of epiphenomenalism, and the basics of Newtonian physics) without HAVING A GO at anything in particular.

      How do we know the goit in the video learnt anything at all? We do not. All we know is that he had a go at several things.

  3. HAHA! No bloody way! They are STA commissioned! What a guess!

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