One week to go…

The Bakery’s largest and most ambitious film yet, The Last Bookshop, is scheduled to premiere in just seven days!

Clocking in at 15-20 mins, it has an impressive musical score, CGI effects, thousands of books, an octogenarian shopkeeper and a satirical fantasy view on the future of the book industry. What more could you ask for?

There’s an awful lot of metaphorical cake icing to get piped between now and then, but let’s ignore all the pressure for now and remind you that you are all heartily welcome to come and join us for the screening.

The premiere forms part of No Reading Alone, an evening of quality entertainment at the Isis Farmhouse, Oxford that has previously screened our films Chair and Small Picture Big Frame.

It is quite frankly the perfect venue to premiere a Bakery film, being eccentric, characterful, rustic and even a little awkward. You see, the venue cannot be reached by car, only foot. To get there, you must follow a riverside towpath, at the end of which  you are awarded with the sight you see here.

Look at those people in the beer garden. Look at them. Don’t they look happy? Don’t you wish you were them? Look they’ve got beer and everything. Look at the bloke with the panama hat on. I bet you wish you were him. You haven’t even got a panama have you? There’s probably ducks waddling round and everything.

That could be you, next Friday, if you come along. A full evening’s entertainment and a brand spanking new Bakery film. Come along, you know you want to.

Visit The Last Bookshop Blog for full details and directions to the venue.


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  1. Higgs

    I am delighted and excited to be attending on Friday! 😀

  2. Tom German Doesnt live here anymore

    Sorry I cant be with you. I have my final portfolio hand – in date on Monday, so i will be enjoying a weekend of frantically scrambling around trying to find bits of paper. I anticipate that this will be the Bakery’s greatest accomplishment, as from what I hear, it sounds awesome. I have had a fair bit of interest from people about Bakery in recent months, so I have been keeping the flame alive in canterbury, sending links where appropriate.I hope to see you all at Ed’s birthday which I will be attending next week, I am extremely excited about the reunion…

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