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Underwater Beetle

It’s only been a few months since we last blogged about Jason deCaires Taylor’s excellent recent underwater artwork. But I was so very impressed by his latest piece, entitled Anthropocene, that I decided it deserved a new post of its very own. Reflecting Jason’s ongoing concern for the environment, this sculpture somewhat satirically takes the form of a car, whilst in fact helping the marine environment by providing a haven for small creatures and forming a kind of artificial coral landscape. Aesthetically speaking, the attractive form of the Volkswagen on the seabed is the latest example of Jason’s incongruous and witty juxtapositions (though perhaps my favourite example of this is his underwater couch potato and his TV dinner titled Inercia). Anyway, look at these cool pictures and don’t forget to visit Jason’s website    

Abandoned Wasabi Sachet, by Tom German

A fresh piece of work by the stunning contemporary artist and fellow Baker, Tom German: Within this work the artist has attempted to fuse classical lens based media with fusion shutter interplay to create a claustrophobic melancholy. Wasabi, in this context represents the apocalypse, but the middle classes apocalypse will not involve tidal waves, or hurricanes, but a closing down of artisan bread makers, or the eternal shut down of WIFI in the Camden Starbucks. The pavement is the dull grey of crushing Industrial conformity, the flat Wasabi packet the rising middle class collapsing like a flan in a hot summer cupboard…

Sessarego Portraits…

I recently took some portrait shots in Italy of members of my extended family. All of them can be seen here:

Important announcement from GamaZone Corp.

The GamaZone Corporation is your official supplier of all entertainment and multimedia. This evening’s entertainment (Friday 10th June) will be supplied from 7.30pm at the No Reading Alone event in Oxford. Click here for full details for attending this event. Attendance is compulsory. GamaZone asserts full copyright in perpetuity. Any unauthorised distribution, sale or copying with be met with severe penalties. “GamaZone. The only option” is a Registered Trade Mark of the GamaZone Corporation Copyright 2071 the GamaZone Corporation


I got bored of designing websites recently, so made this thing instead. More photos of this can be found here, on my spanking new portfolio:

9 Eyes of Google Street View

This chap called Jon Rafman has been painfully scouring Google Street View for the last couple of years, collecting some very cool and sometimes very odd images inadvertently snapped up by the electric cars of Google. Here are some of my favourite ones: Check out the full collection here:

One week to go…

The Bakery’s largest and most ambitious film yet, The Last Bookshop, is scheduled to premiere in just seven days! Clocking in at 15-20 mins, it has an impressive musical score, CGI effects, thousands of books, an octogenarian shopkeeper and a satirical fantasy view on the future of the book industry. What more could you ask for? There’s an awful lot of metaphorical cake icing to get piped between now and then, but let’s ignore all the pressure for now and remind you that you are all heartily welcome to come and join us for the screening. The premiere forms part of No Reading Alone, an evening of quality entertainment at the Isis Farmhouse, Oxford that has previously screened our films Chair and Small Picture Big Frame. It is quite frankly the perfect venue to premiere a Bakery film, being eccentric, characterful, rustic and even a little awkward. You see, the venue cannot be reached by car, only foot. To get there, you must follow a riverside towpath, at the end of which¬† you are awarded with the sight you see here. Look at those people in the beer garden. Look at them. Don’t they look happy? Don’t you wish...