Coming in June: No Reading Alone 3

Excellent news for fans of things that are good: ‘No Reading Alone’ is returning!

June 10th – exactly a month from now – is the date.

As the poster says it’s £4 a ticket from for which you get a veritable orgy of quality comedy, spoken word, music and more in a quirky canal-side Oxford pub.

Myself and Chef Gaetan had a whale of a time when we attended the last event even if we did get lost on the way to the venue and end up bogged down in pitch-black fields surrounded by weirs and paranoia. Fortunately, the quantities of ale and entertainment on our arrival were enough to make our journey appear nothing more than a distant Tolkien-esque dream.

The event is held at the Isis Farmhouse pub, along a picturesque canal towpath in Oxford. Don’t bother asking Google Maps – it will lie to you. Just set out with confidence and supplies.

We’re utterly delighted that event organiser Ewan and his sizeable crowd have a fondness for our media baking, having previously screened Chair and Small Picture.Big Frame to a very warm reception. And the eagle-eyed among you will no doubt have spotted that The Bakery have a slot in the June event…

While we don’t want to jinx ourselves by saying that the film will be ready in a mere month’s time, we also can’t ignore the fact that production on our ambitious new film The Last Bookshop is racing ahead and, well . . . it just might be ready in a mere month’s time.

We have some hard weeks of production work ahead of us, so we plan to give you more concrete information very soon. But in the mean time, rest assured that The Bakery will be putting its ‘No Reading Alone’ slot to good use next month. There will definitely be footage shown, perhaps a trailer, some teasers and a brief intro from me . . . or, if the Gods smile upon us (please Gods) there might just be a finished film.

Either way, be excited. No Reading Alone 3 is coming.

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