No Reading Alone 2 in Oxford

It’s that time again for No Reading Alone: the event that sees comedy, books, poetry, music, films and wet, tasty beverages combined in one great swirling mass of excellence and then packed into all the minutes that happen between 7:30pm and closing time at Isis Farmhouse, Oxford.

Among the many great acts lined up, which include Medlar Lucan, author of The Decadent Cookbook and music from the likes of Juju of Little Fish, The Bakery will be once again taking the chance to show-off one of its baked wonders, this time with Chef Alaric’s beautiful short ‘The Chair‘.

So if you are in the Oxford area and you aren’t up to much, why not go along? In fact, even if you’re not in the Oxford area, and not free because you’re actually sky diving in the Hebrides or attending a funeral in Antwerp, come along anyway. Otherwise I’ll hate you.

Or more importantly, you’ll hate yourself.

Check out the No Reading Alone website Oxwords for more information.


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  1. Well, myself and Chef Gaetan attended this event last night and had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

    I had been warned that accessing the Isis Farmhouse was a bit of an adventure (isolated as it is, down along a dark canal) and certainly the 2 of us intrepid Bakers got lost among weirs and muddy fields on the way . . . but ‘No Reading Alone’ is an excellent prize at the end of the trek!

    The night was a perfect miscellany of poets and writers and performers, culminating with an energising musical performance. And I’m sure Chef Gaetan will agree when I say that ‘Chair’ was very warmly received and applauded by the audience.

    Big thanks once again to Ewan, the compere and organiser, for kindly including the Bakery in his cavalcade of delights. We had so much fun, we are hoping to be invited back. Fingers crossed it’ll be with a certain film about a bookshop…

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