There is a chap called Jason de Caires Taylor who does some quite¬†incredible¬†underwater sculpture. Locations include the river Stour in Canterbury and also several spots off the coast of Mexico (which exact coast, I do not know). It’s bloody fabulous either way and you should all look at the stunning photos of his newest work below. Also, listen to this here BBC Radio Kent broadcast made by Dan and Richard back in 2009 about his Alluvia sculpture in Canterbury.

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  1. Ah, well done for blogging this Alaric!

    Jason was a fascinating chap to talk to for our BBC Radio Kent series, and I remember sitting in the West Gate Inn as he talked about his extravagant plans off the coast of Mexico. It’s great to see this stunning work he’s done in the mean time, and how nature has reacted to these sculptures.

    I especially enjoy the fat couch potato under the ocean!

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