Being a Dickhead’s cool

It’s good to see the LOOKBOOK community come under fire. Our trojan horse is still sitting silent, waiting for the right moment to wreak havoc…


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  1. Geodaddi

    I used to work with a Mr Richard Head (honestly!!!!!) For some reason he was always known as Richard and never as Dick…………….

  2. I used to live in a house full of Richard Heads. They were very much like the people in this video and were absolutely not the inspiration for Benjamin’s Esoteric Hairpeace.

  3. Chef Dan

    I’ve worked with quite a few Richard Heads myself Geodaddi, although I think they are more of the Benjamin’s Esoteric Hairpeace variety described in the above post.

  4. I was alerted to this video by young UCA (University of Creative Arts) students on my bus. They have dickhead elements. I am changing them with 1950’s regulation army haricuts and exercise, tea laced with bromide and a strict bran – based diet…

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