For those of you interested in the genre of Physchedelic-Future-Funk (think back to the music on 90’s futuristic racing games), the following new site may be of interest:


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  1. I must say, a departure from your normal work Mr King – where are the wood backgrounds? Where is the sepia colour scheme and the rustic icons? Although, on reflection, I can see that might not have fitted with the Bonze vibe…

    Nevertheless I miss those stylings. Like I miss you and our evening out on the French Riviera that hazy June.

  2. I am personally an enormous fan of this. Psychadelic future funk has nothing on post – ironic Def Leppard tribute act chic, or faux-industrial-dinosaur-Orwellian -mandible-disc-jockey style.

  3. Bassist in waiting

    I’m not sure I approve of your tone Tom German doesn’t live here anymore! I am going to lodge a complaint with the Bakery PR department this instant.

  4. Im not sure if I approve of myself. I am therefore going to punch myself in the balls. I hope this satisfies you ‘bassist in waiting’. I now have sore balls and an aching heart. Unfortunately, the fact remains that this post is still ripe for satirisation and no amount of self – punsishment will change that.

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