Coming soon: The Last Bookshop

For the last couple of months, the Bakery kitchen has been a flurry of activity as we prepared for a new project. We’ve wiped down all the work surfaces, mopped the floor, and done the big shop. Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and crack out the rolling pin. But what, I hear you cry, are we cooking?

Well, we can’t keep the cat in the bag anymore (yes, there’s a cat in a bag in this kitchen, who are you – environmental health?) we’re embarking on a new film called The Last Bookshop.

For this project we also thought we’d try something a little different. Namely, we’ve set up a little side-blog, entirely dedicated to the production of the film. Fanfare please for…

This film will be a special one, roping in tons of people, and bags of lovely second-hand bookshops.

We hope – in these days of library closures, barren high streets and panicking publishers – to distill the magic of books into a little dream of a film.

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  1. Geodaddi

    Looks really interesting. Can’t wait!

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