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For those of you interested in the genre of Physchedelic-Future-Funk (think back to the music on 90’s futuristic racing games), the following new site may be of interest:

University of Kent to destroy Chaucer Fields

Allow me a small rant. I am very sad about this. If you’ve ever lived or studied in Canterbury you won’t need to be told how beautiful and idyllic the surroundings of the University of Kent are. In which case, you’ll no doubt be as angry and confused as I am about the University’s decision to destroy Chaucer fields for a large new building project. I’m stunned. Yes, I’m talking about the stretch of grassy hillside that rolls down from the side of the Venue, diagonally towards the rear of Harkness Drive. Throughout the five happy years I spent in Canterbury, I would frequently stroll up and down that hill, never once tiring of the view or the peace. It has appeared in countless student films and prospectuses. That hillside, indeed the whole surrounding area is quite simply beautiful. The views down to the cathedral, the rabbits and the hedgerows – it’s caused many a prospective student to fall in love with the campus on an open day. Myself included. The very beauty of the campus is one of its main strengths. I can’t believe anyone would consider destroying that area. That stretch of peaceful green belt that separates...

Coming soon: The Last Bookshop

For the last couple of months, the Bakery kitchen has been a flurry of activity as we prepared for a new project. We’ve wiped down all the work surfaces, mopped the floor, and done the big shop. Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and crack out the rolling pin. But what, I hear you cry, are we cooking? Well, we can’t keep the cat in the bag anymore (yes, there’s a cat in a bag in this kitchen, who are you – environmental health?) we’re embarking on a new film called The Last Bookshop. For this project we also thought we’d try something a little different. Namely, we’ve set up a little side-blog, entirely dedicated to the production of the film. Fanfare please for… This film will be a special one, roping in tons of people, and bags of lovely second-hand bookshops. We hope – in these days of library closures, barren high streets and panicking publishers – to distill the magic of books into a little dream of a film.

Chef Adam is making the headlines

Being a self-confessed adaholic, I am a subscriber to a number of advertising-news websites. Bestadsontv is one of my favourites… And what should I see in this week’s email from my dear friends at BestAds? It’s only Chef Adam’s baby; the new Axe commercial! So congrats dude, that is some very good work right there and I’m glad the world is recognising it (even though the Mill strangely gets no credit on the page…bastards).