Jack Tew

Here’s a few videos I stumbled upon by Director Jack Tew.

I enjoy these two pieces – the tension in them particularly. Perhaps some audio things bug me, and maybe some narrative in “Flowers”, but overall I think they are pretty solids bits of work.

What do YOU think?

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  1. Arts-Council Grants

    Loved one night stand – that’s some good use of silence and creaking floorboard noises. Enjoyed the punchline too. Funny stuff.

    Flowers built tension extremely well, and looked amazing. Very well paced I think, took its time in a good way.

    However, I think the end sacrificed realism in acting terms for beautiful camera work – if I ran my partner over I think I would out of the car and checking she wasn’t dead not staring at the flowers on my windscreen in soft focus. Still I loved the headlight flooded final shots.

    Top marks Jack Tew.

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