Advent Calendar 9: Wicked Pig – Challenge 3

On the ninth day of Christmas,
The bakery gave to us all:
A long overdue film for Sty TV

Several million years ago, we produced the third in our series of comedy challenges for Sty TV. Instead of being released, our employers have seen fit that it undergoes more re-editing and censorship than a hardcore porn flick at a W.I. charity screening . . . or a 1939 German movie titled “Hitler is a Massive Bender.”

Anyway, here, now, is the day we never thought would come: the release of the officially-sanctioned edit of ‘The Wicked Pig Challenges: Episode Three.”

Dan and Richard’s comedy double act is on the rocks; Richard is unhappy with the quality of the Wicked Pig films, and wants to do better stuff; Dan is the eternal optimist, and believes he can forge on with the latest challenge. Is this the end for Sty TV? . . .


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  1. Geodaddi

    Loved it! It has really whetted my appetite for the next part….

  2. Miss North Dakota

    Yeah! How could you leave us all hanging like that!? When can we expect the next installment? Loved all of it, in particular the censored bit was absolutely hilarious, along with “…because apparently 8 hours is too long”! And who constructed Dan’s enormous hat?? I think he should really consider adding more striped V-neck shirts to his permanant wardrobe. (I’m sure a certain “Sexy Lady 125” would agree with me on that one.)
    These Wicked Pig challenges need a special features DVD, I tell you!

  3. Why thank you Miss North Dakota! Very glad you enjoyed it. The 4th Wicked Pig film should be ready very soon. However, given that we finished THIS one in September, and then our wise employers sat on it for 3 months, while we obediently re-edited it for them several thousand times (AND given that Christmas is imminent) I’m afraid we can’t give you an accurate release date for the next episode. Sadly these things are out of our hands.

    As for Dan’s rather glorious massive Admiral’s hat: it was constructed by Aslan’s very own Master, Mr Matt Spence – a former colleague of ours back in Canterbury. He constructed it for a fancy dress party, and we were so impressed with it that we promised it would have a cameo in one of our films. And what better cameo than during a naval invasion of France!?

    A Special Features DVD sounds good also. This project has seen far too much good footage end up on the cutting room floor, leaving the Challenges rather over-edited in my opinion. Maybe one day that footage will see the light of day . . .

  4. Chef Adam

    It has to be said boys, this was very good. Very well done on the this latest video.

    I probably said this about the last one, but I think this is the best one yet. I think even with the changes you had to make it remained funny – the violence censorship I was great! The half frame of “Matt Damon” – classic.

    Nice snappy editing with some good narrative and a dog called Aslan – what else could you ask for from an advent treat?! Also you’ve broken the golden rules of tele – don’t work with kids or animals!?

    Nice Baking.

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