Advent calendar 8: Oh… And it makes music too.

On the eighth day of Christmas,
The bakery gave to us all:
An impressive set of lungs

I’m a sucker for anything musical. A couple of years ago, an ad agency called DDB made a simple little web-banner featuring a piano that you could play using your keyboard. I couldn’t for the life of me remember what the ad was for but I do remember spending a ridiculous amount of time on it creating a jazzy remix of “chopsticks” as my actual yamaha keyboard gathered dust mere centimetres away.

Anyway, this festive season another agency (Karmarama) have created “the cup-size choir”. I don’t know if I was disappointed when I realised it wasn’t a choir made of teacup-sized creatures or positively thrilled to see this:

Oh… and you can play with these ladies all you want here. I personally recommend trying to recreate Carl Orff’s “O Fortuna”. It’s not very Christmas-ey but it’s the sound of impending doom that plays in my head whenever I’m faced with beautiful women…

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  1. See, this is what happens when you allow blog posts to be written by a Frenchman. Alright, a Belgian.

    This idecency simply isn’t cricket.

    I’m sure Tom German will agree with me when I demand a return to early morning Empire Calisthenics, a strong pot of Assam, and no ladies in the Club Room.

    That said, Chef Dan is a lady killer and a musical maestro, so I suspect he will be led astray by these unhealthily lusty European preoccupations…

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