Advent calendar 7: Getting into the CG industry

On the seventh day of Christmas,
The Bakery gave to us all:
An insider’s guide to getting into the CG industry

If anyone is sad like me and is in charge of peoples websites, then they’ll have this superb little thing called Google Analytics running. It basically tells you lots of things about your website traffic and, interestingly enough, keywords people have used in their searches to arrive at your site. At the end of last week the term “Adam Droy” was bringing in some good traffic to the bakery’s website. So to see what all the fuss was about, I searched it myself, and to my surprise I discovered that Chef Adam has written an article for the careers section of the Guardian newspaper!

Titled as “An insider’s guide to getting into the CG industry“, it contains such glorious quotes as:

Leave your ego and the door and be prepared to take direction from clients


Personally I really enjoy […] art exhibitions

So, here are Adam’s top ten commandments on how to make it in the CG industry, written in his own soothingly superb corporate clich├ęs:

  1. [your]… showreel is your greatest calling card
  2. get it out there
  3. you need passion and determination as well as talent in order to succeed
  4. [build]… your skill set
  5. be a good communicator
  6. [win]… the trust and respect of your clients
  7. “bring your own ideas to the table”
  8. “keep on top of your game
  9. keep your ears and eyes open
  10. put in the hours to go that extra mile

If the above list has paraphrased the article too much, you can read the whole thing here:

Sorry, Adam. Nothing on the Internet can get past your fellow chefs. Not even the future career choices of one of Dan’s actors. Or even for that matter, offline articles published in University newsletters. We’re proud of you after all! No one else at the bakery has written anything for an online news source. Except for Chef Julian Assange, but we try to not to mention him too much.


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  1. “Leave your ego and the door and be prepared to take direction from clients”

    I have 2 things to say about this quote:

    1) I’m delighted to see that the Guardian’s reputation for bad copy-editing is on fine form to coincide with its first ever contribution from the Bakery.


    2) This is the most obscenely anti-Bakery sentiment that I’ve ever heard, and Chef Adam should be made to hand back his chef’s hat and mixing bowl for ever even SUGGESTING that any of us should kowtow to the arbitrary whims of clients, rather than pursuing our own creative agenda.

    Chef Adam, you should be ashamed of yourself!

    Unless of course you’ve been misquoted, paraphrased and/or taken out of context. Which surely would never happen in a national newspaper . . . would it . . ?

    • Chef Alaric

      The problem with you Richard, is that you never leave the door alone. You quite happily drop your ego before talking to clients, but you’re always adamant about keeping the door involved. Just forget the fucking door, Richard.

  2. cooooeeeeeeeeee! Me again! Stop fighting Legoman and Aryan! You are both very attractive men, and chef adam has very strong and potent legs. I found his article stimulating and invigorating. Dont be so mean to my flexy-wexy.
    Loves and kisses,
    Sexy Lady 125,
    Ps – read EKCAPA and also floss daily.

  3. Dan Dan Dan

    I suspect that Sexy Lady 125 is not who she says she is…

  4. How dare you Fryer! Just because I spurned your lecherous bearded advances….
    Sexy Lady 125,
    Look at EKCAPA

  5. Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

  6. university grants

    My sister’s name is College Grants and it it greatly offends me you would suggest otherwise, “Chef” Alaric. Try to be more considerate next time.

    • My moistest apologies University Grants. I would hate to offend someone from the prestigious “Grant” lineage.

      Tell me University, what are the names of the rest of your siblings?

  7. Arts-Council Grants

    Another sister here! Well there’s College and University, and obviously me (Arts-Council – or Council for short), but then there’s also Teaching, National-Lottery, Student-Financial-Aid, and our mother Local-Planning. Unfortunately Father died when we were young, but we do have an Uncle Student Loan on our maternal side.

  8. Cary Grants

    I’m sorry to bring long-standing bitter family feuds to the Bakery Blog, but frankly I am disgusted with my neice, Arts-Council.

    You cow. Why are you omitting whole swathes of your relatives!? Don’t we exist to you anymore? Do you not consider us to be your real family?

    My Astrologer brother (Russell Grants) foresaw this happening, but I just couldn’t bring myself to believe him.

    Arts-Council what would your dear departed father, Hugh Grants have to say about this? He’d turn in his grave.

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