Advent calendar 3: Uncle Scrooge on funny pills

On the third day of Christmas,
The bakery gave to us all:
A chuckle-inducing misanthrope.

Sometimes I wish there were more Chef Richards. Not the young, full of hopes and dreams Chef Richard pictured above. I’m talking about the Chef Richard whose eyes are now as blackened as his hair and soul from the years of dismay at so much of his fellow man’s cloddishness.

“But why such odd aspirations?”, you ask.

Because much like I cannot contain my giggling when I see someone gesticulating wildly as they slip and slide down to the inevitable bum-meets-ice moment, so too do I find myself in stitches at the sight of an intelligent misanthrope having to deal with a stubborn idiot!

The following link is to a collection of such moments in the form of email exchanges. I have chosen a particular exchange entitled “Simon’s pie charts”, however do please also have a read through “Missing Missy” and “Overdue Account” for a further abdominal workout!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you this Christmas’ Uncle Scrooge on funny pills: Mr David Thorne.


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  1. Mr David Thorne has been a favourite of mine for some time. I was first introduced to him by Max Heide, after telling him about a slightly painful ordeal with a client i was doing some designs for. At the time the article acted like a session of therapy, though more fun and effective.

    Another classic website along the same lines is this one: They pick the choice comments from the “Have Your Say” section of the BBC website, and, well, mercilessly butcher them.

  2. I think this is wonderful, Gaetan.

    And I’m not sure if that’s BECAUSE of, or IN SPITE of the fact that my “eyes are now as blackened as (my) hair and soul from the years of dismay at so much of (my) fellow man’s cloddishness.”

    Either way, reading this site often made me think of stories of Mr Alaric King. I think we all know why.

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