Advent calendar 4: Bovine insanity and mental teddy bears

On the fourth day of Christmas,
The bakery gave to us all:
Belated Cows Cows Cows

Some might say that Chef Gate provided us with a nice little treat yesterday, full of wondrous and amusing stories for our delight. Others might say that he made us waste our time for over an hour when we were supposed to be working, only to stop when a colleague finally interjected, commented that they were doing all the work themselves. Either way.

So as today’s Saturday, you all should all have time in the world (or at least all the time in a Saturday) to peruse this post’s subject at leisure; unless you are a farmer with cows, in which case you should have already been up since before dark.

Which leads me onto my post for today! A little while ago, while procrastinating from producing some film or other, Chef Richard and I stumbled upon something Great. Our lives were changed forever.

With a cyclical style and use of the Adobe Production Collection (a designer reference there) that not only shows a streak of originality and a great sense of humour – plus a healthy dose of Python era Terry Gilliam – once you see the following videos, you’ll realise that you’ve actually seen this man’s work many times before, in both advertising and television.

I present to you cyriak: and he is glorious…


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  1. Geodaddi

    Wel, bobol bach! Duw, Duw, Duw! They have taught the cows slate dancing!!!

  2. How can you tell those cows are Welsh!?

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