Advent Calendar 23: Some retro stopmotion

On the twenty third day of Christmas,
The bakery gave to us all:
An Indiana Jones Lego Figure.

I’ve had to dig pretty deep into the Bakery archives to find this video. I made this stopmotion animation (also known as a brickmation!) back in 2006 for my media A-Level whilst a wee lad. Many hours were spent in a dark room, (bin bags work very well for blocking up windows), armed only with a few lights, a camera and some Lego.

I’ve always enjoyed the stopmotion style and this was a chance to give it a go. I now have a lot of admiration for anyone that does stopmotion animation – truly the most patient of people.

You’ll have to excuse some suspect green screening and post work, this was 2006 after all!

Previously this film was only online for a few months before being removed by Youtube for “Copyright Infringement” – despite crediting Kasabian. However, here are some stats it got in that short time:

Views: 60,226
Comments: 123
Likes: 247
Dislikes 17

Not too shabby.

So here you go, I hope you enjoy some retro stopmotion on the 23rd day of Christmas!

N.B You might have to view this on the Vimeo site (just click the word “Vimeo” bottom right).


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  1. Chef Richard

    I’m very happy to see this again. I think it’s a charming piece of work.

    Also, it brings back many childhood memories of playing with lego and making my own adventures. Which at this time of year seems most appropriate.

    If only Speilberg had adapted this for the big screen instead of making ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ I think the critics would have been much happier.

  2. verry funny the t-rex and train bit was brilliant haha.

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