Advent Calendar 20: What on earth just happened?

On the twentieth day of Christmas,
The bakery gave to us all:
Something inexplicable.

There’s something brilliant about the unexpected. From genuinely hilarious comments you’re sure you’ve just overheard an old man say in passing to moments that you know God made happen only so he could high-five St Peter as they watch the video again and again on youtube.

So on this, the 20th day of Christmas, I give you something which I could genuinely not give a title to:


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  1. That was pretty mental!

  2. This is really quite mind-boggling. Once your computer can finally get round to making it all happen!

    I suspect there are a few blog reader who have only reached a progress bar, if they’ve got that far. But I’ve seen this in full glory, and it’s really rather inventive and surprising.

    Well picked Gaetan.

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