Advent Calendar 19: Education, Education, Education.

On the nineteenth day of Christmas,
The bakery gave to us all:
A second round of controversy…

Some faithful blog readers may remember a post from September last year titled ‘Creativity in Education‘. It was a talk given by a chap called Ken Robinson, who explores and later suggests that creativity is not being prioritised enough in education. That perhaps the current system stifles it. Well this post held the record for the amount of comments that was ever left on our blog – 25 in total. Which goes to show that he was talking about a subject that was quite close to all of our hearts.

Well, you’ll all be glad to know that Mr Ken has done a follow-up speech on his original one…

Once again, we have to thank Miranda Gerzon from the Bakery’s US branch for this. If it wasn’t for her inspiring and educational input, you’d be reading a special Al King festive spotlight post on the future of agricultural subsidy.

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  1. Chef Gate

    I don’t see what’s so funny about 36 month-olds having résumés. As you all well know, by the time I was that age, I had escaped Ceauşescu’s totalitarian Romania, swam miles into the Persian golf on an inflatable lobster and helped a dying Chameleon give birth by extricating the eggs through its mouth!
    Okay, I was actually 6 when that last one happened… but you get my point.

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