Advent Calendar 13: Espacio Nudage

On the thirteenth day of Christmas,
The Bakery gave to us all:
some photos that will hopefully be exhibited in Spain.

Several weeks ago I was approached by the organisers of an exhibition in Spain called Espacio Nudage. Apparently they really enjoyed the rural theme of my photos (insert Gloucester based in-breeding jokes here) and asked me to submit a selection to put forth to a panel of judges. If I am one of the lucky 10 photographers to be chosen, then these photos below will be printed and hung in The Provencial Historic Archive in Santander, North Spain.

You can also view my photos here, amongst all of the other entries:


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  1. Dan Dan Dan

    This is Great! Well done Chef Al! Keep us all posted on how it goes

  2. They liked the rural theme of your photos. And yet I notice you haven’t included the most rural of your pictures: those photos you took for the ceremony of your cousin Eli who married a pig.

    Seriously though, this is really good stuff. Nice to get recognition, I imagine. And there are some lovely images here, Mr King.

    Although that one of Will makes me think of the chicken scene in Withnail & I…
    “How can we make it die!?”

  3. HAHA! You are spot on with the ‘Withnail & I’ reference there Dick Dadd!

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