Advent Calendar 10: An old classic

On the tenth day of Christmas,
The bakery gave to us all:
An old school Rustic Knives classic

Apologies all for the extremely belated advent calendar blog post: it was due to a vast array of circumstances, involved a hydra, several incubi, and more than one chimera, and it has kept me away from you all entirely against my will.

Well unfortunately due to this very same set of circumstances I have had to also postpone the post I was originally going to put on the blog until next time – however, all is not lost!

A few years ago, Chef German and I were in a band together called Rustic Knives, which essentially involved us getting together and harmonising about elves and orcs and generally drinking ale from jars. During this time we recorded a number of tracks together, which I plan to release on the blog (with Chef G’s consent of course) some time in the new year.

But before then, I give you this little taster, kindly donated by the Dadd archive of London. It is called Step Aside, and it is the closest thing we ever had to a hit single. Enjoy.



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  1. Chef Adam


  2. They’ll never get back together Adam, not after their bitter break-up over the songwriting royalties.

    I think Tom German let it all go to his head anyway. That solo album he released post-break-up was self-important egotistical drivel. A triple CD concept album of sitar music, telling the story of the Wall Street Crash from the perspective of a seagull? Just plain awful.

    The Knives were all about drugs and women by the end anyway.

    I saw them in Glastonbury in ’95, and they’ll never reach those heights again.

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