Danny Fry’s words of wisdom.

Here’s our very own Danny Fryer in this edition of The University of Kent’s Alumni newsletter!

Very good Fryer. Also, smashing photo.


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  1. Flex: Where on earth did you find this?! Bloody well done to put it up though, i imagine Fryer thought this one went un-noticed.

    Dan: This is the stuff that makes a man a hero. I mean, North Korea?! Because they play ‘hard to get’?! I have to keep re-reading that to make sure I’m not mistaken. Utterly superb. By far the funniest profile I’ve ever read. I’m still in shock that the University actually let something this good go to print.

  2. geodaddi

    I knew Dan shouldn’t have shaken hands with that Smurf…….

    • Chef Alaric

      Shaken hands? That’s a very clean euphemism if i’ve ever heard one!

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