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Tim Burton needs you!

That’s right folks, the acclaimed director has set up a web-wide game of “cadavre exquis” (that’s the “one sentence each to make a story” game to you Chef Flex). We were 19 posts in last time I checked, and the story seems to have already taken off to a bizarre / fantastical start. So… Who fancies being a co-author?  (Click here to go to the site)

Danny Fry’s words of wisdom.

Here’s our very own Danny Fryer in this edition of The University of Kent’s Alumni newsletter! Very good Fryer. Also, smashing photo.

Alan Partridge returns!

Unbelievably, the last Alan Partridge TV series was in 2002, so I was delighted to discover Alan was making his long awaited return with ‘Mid Morning Matters’ – an exclusive YouTube series with 15 minute episodes. What I was even more delighted to discover was that it is much funnier than that last, slightly disappointing series. Enjoy… Oh, and it doesn’t matter how much comedy you sponsor, Fosters, I’m still not going to drink your chilled wee.