The Bakery meets Zoo magazine

Some would call it a meeting of minds.

Others, the inevitable union of kinsmen.

Yes, it was bound to happen sooner or later: Richard and Dan have finally joined forces with Zoo magazine.

This puts me in mind of another recent comedy/marketing alliance: between the Edinburgh comedy awards and Fosters piss-water, which resulted in the Frank Chickens becoming Comedy God (yes they did! Look here! How fantastic! Well done to all who voted!)

Kazuko Hohki, lead member of Frank Chickens, rather gloriously said to BBC Scotland that “Frank Chickens were not comedians, they were a band of performance artists.” And, magnificently, that she does “not understand stand-up comedy,” because “her English language skills aren’t good enough to listen to someone talking for an hour.”

You’ve got to take your hat off to Stewart Lee for turning such moribund marketing on its head so triumphantly, so authentically and so damn amusingly.

Meanwhile, Dan and I are awaiting the results of the above Zoo competition which will determine a future challenge. It closes tomorrow. None of you are exempt, and we don’t choose the winner – they do – so ENTER WITH YOUR INGENIOUS SUGGESTIONS!

Our sponsors would get very upset if we published anything that might give Zoo a bad reputation in the minds of our audience. We are however encouraged to give you a link to the contents of their website. Please feel free to scour this paragraph for any traces of irony.

I’ll leave you with a choice quote from a recent illuminating article from the Guardian which notes:

“If you have a . . . marketing budget and think you’d like to sponsor a comedian, you’ll need a thick skin and a robust sense of humour.”

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  1. I sincerely hope this isn’t the last time an article about you two rubs shoulders with a pancake related piece titled “Melissa D’s Advanced Tossing Guide”.

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