Tilt Shift

Here’s a nice film using an interesting technique called tilt shift. Basically, it makes every thing look miniature:


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  1. I’ve always liked this technique, it’s really fascinating. First saw it a few years back in still-photography where I really was uncertain whether it was miniature or not. I wonder if it will become increasingly fashionable and end up getting over-used as these techniques sometimes can. I’ve noticed it’s used on the opening credits of BBC’s ‘Sherlock,’ hopefully this won’t be followed by tons of music videos and title sequences and adverts for HSBC. For now it’s certainly still impressive.

  2. This is excellent: I always wondered what those ’tilt and shift’ lenses did!

  3. this is also another really clever video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/tippexperience

  4. God, that is extremely clever! I tried “hugs” “dates” “shags” and “kills” and was pleasantly entertained by every permutation!

    In fact I think this deserves a post of its own…

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