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Back in November 2008, i designed a load of assets for our entry into a small University film competition. For those who know the film, you’ll remember the roughly sketched items quite well. If not, please re-familiarize yourself with them:

Well, the reason they looked the way they did was simple – my illustration skills have not progressed since my 6th birthday, and all were drawn at 3am whilst doing a load of final year degree work. Little did I know that this style I had inadvertently developed was to become somewhat of a craze within the stale design offices of the University and over the past year I’ve seen it be copied quite a few times. The latest derivative however has transcended the University and moved into the public transport sector of Canterbury. Cue the photo flow diagram:

I’m not really sure if I should be flattered by this or worried that something i consider to be as good as a scribble on the back of a restaurant napkin has inspired, well, a scribble on the back of a bus stop sign.

Either way, The Bakery has an undying reputation for pursuing plagiarism via the UK legal system, and I certainly wont let this one slip the net. Watch out Stagecoach, i’m looking to earn back considerable compensation for all of those bus tickets I brought in my first year, before I discovered that the walk to Sainsbury’s wasn’t that far.

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  1. Dan Dan Dan

    I think we should sue Canterbury Cathedral for looking like the image in Kent Uni is.

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